Airtel Internet Offer 30 Days 2023

Airtel Internet Offer 30 Days Today this article is going to be special for you. Those of you who want to know about 30 days internet packages Airtel internet offers have come to the right place. Today we will try to inform you about the internet packages that airtel authorities have launched for 30 days in 2023.

However, airtel is always trying to satisfy its customers and with that aim in mind, they announce the offer of internet packages at very low prices. The biggest thing is that the offers of this internet package are constantly changing. So for this, you must keep your eyes and ears open and follow our website well to know about any changes. Today let’s know about different types of internet packages for 30 days in Airtel.

Airtel 30 days internet combo package

If you want to buy a 30-day internet combo package from Airtel, then Airtel authorities are giving you an opportunity to buy a package of 3GB internet with 100 minutes of talk time. Here you need to spend only Rs 269 to purchase the entire package.

Airtel bundle internet pack includes 2 GB internet with the option to buy 30 minutes of talk time. Those who want to purchase these very small packages will have to spend 249 rupees to purchase this package for the whole month.

There is a very nice offer for those of you who want to buy 475 minutes monthly internet package with 4 GB internet from Airtel. You can purchase this big package by spending only Rs.298.

Airtel’s bundled internet pack includes 12 GB of internet and 300 minutes of purchase. If you want to purchase full 300 minutes with 12 GB internet then you have to spend Rs 397 in this case.

Other offers on Airtel include the option to buy 200 minutes of talk time with 6GB of internet. This 6 GB internet and 200 minutes validity of 30 days but you have to spend 348 rupees.

If you want you can buy 400 minutes with 18 GB of the internet from Airtel and you have to spend only 599 rupees to buy this whole package.

For those who need such packages or such offers more, Airtel has a great opportunity to buy 600 minutes with full 40 GB internet. If you buy 600 minutes along with 40 GB internet then Airtel authority is giving you this package very cheap which is priced at just 799 rupees.

Also, you can buy 400 minutes with 20GB internet from Airtel which duration is fixed at Tk 548 by Airtel authority. The validity of the internet package is given for the full 30 days.

Airtel Internet Package 30 Days

Talking about the Airtel internet package for 30 days we have to say the latest internet packages in 2023. We have come to know through the official website of Airtel that you can buy a 35GB internet package from Airtel. This 35GB internet package is priced at just Rs 497 and has a validity of 30 days. Airtel authorities are offering a great opportunity for those of you who want to purchase 15 Jive monthly packs from Airtel. To purchase this 15-monthly internet pack you need to spend only Rs.399.

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