Airtel Internet Offer 2023

To talk about Airtel, first of all one thing needs to be clarified that is it Bangladeshi Airtel or Indian Airtel. Originally an Indian company first brought Bangladesh Airtel. But when they failed to manage the business on their own, they tied up with Ravi Aziata Company. Since then they have been operating the business under the same contract.

Airtel authorities have understood their business very well and they know what kind of packages are perfect depending on the environment of Bangladesh. Those of us who live more towards the city will find that Robi and Airtel have much better internet or networking there. Airtel has a very wide network even though it cannot compete with the existing internet networks. Today we will talk about all types of Internet offers of Airtel 2023.

Airtel Internet Offer 7 Days 2023

Nowadays if someone wants to buy internet package then first of all want to know about that package. Maybe he thinks of buying a whole month of internet at once or a week of internet at once. What it does is get a lot of things cheaper that you can’t enjoy separately with daily packs. 7 days and 30 days are the most used internet offer packages currently being purchased by customers.

You can buy 1.5GB internet for just Rs.89. It is brought by Airtel authority as an internet offer for the customers where its validity is given for 7 days. You can purchase this internet package for 7 days by dialing the activation code *123*089#.

Airtel has brought a package of 3 GB internet for its customers for 7 days. An Airtel customer has to spend only Rs. 104 to purchase this package. Anyone can activate this beautiful package by dialing the activation code *123*104#.

Robi Internet Offer 30 days 2023

You can purchase several types of internet in the 30-day offer package of Robi Internet offers. We will try to give you an idea about all these 30 days internet packages and hope you can activate the packages with this package information from here.

From Robi you are getting a chance to purchase 7 GB internet and if you want this 4 GB internet for 30 days then you have to spend Rs.498. To purchase this package for Tk 498, you need to dial *123*498# activation code through which you can purchase the beautiful package.

From Robi you are getting an opportunity to purchase another 30 GB internet and the validity of this 30 GB internet will be 28 days. This is the biggest package among the monthly internet packages and you have to spend full 998 rupees to purchase this package. For this first of all you need to deposit certain amount of money in your Robi SIM and dial *123*998# activation code number through which you can activate Sundar package.

Also 20 GB internet is only 500 taka only Robi is giving you. What is more surprising is that they are giving the validity of this complete internet package for 28 days. By dialing *123*053# activation code you can purchase 28 days 20 GB internet package.

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