Airtel MB Offer Code 2023

Talking about Airtel MB Offer 2023, it is safe to say that we have brought it for you with 100% accuracy. We will not present any information to you which is very old information. When you read our article, you must check our post upload time at least once. We are constantly uploading new information so it is very important for you to see this date.

Today we will talk about Airtel’s various MB offers. We all know that to connect with the internet we must purchase these internet packages. Several years ago internet packages were available very cheaply but in the middle the prices of these internet packages increased due to increase in tax on them. Today we will talk to you about some important Airtel SIM internet packages and how to activate them.

Airtel MB Offer Activation Code 7 days

If you want to purchase 7 days internet package from your Airtel SIM then this list of ours will catch your eye. We have brought here several beautiful 7 days internet packages for you where you can know all the information including the activation code to activate the complete package.

You can buy a nice package of 3GB internet package out of 7 days internet package from your Airtel SIM. It will cost you only 104 rupees to purchase it. You can directly recharge Tk 104 or you can purchase this package by dialing *123*104# activation code. Airtel authorities are giving you the opportunity to buy 5 GB internet for just 129 Tk. To buy this internet you have to directly dial *123*129# activation code number through which you can buy very nice internet package.

Airtel is giving you an opportunity to buy 6GB internet package in 7 days internet package. You can purchase this 6GB internet package for just 148 rupees where you have to dial *123*148# activation code number.

Airtel MB Offer Activation Code 10 days

Usually many people talk or write articles about many types of internet. But to be a bit different among them, today we will talk about 10 days Airtel MB offer which many people may not talk about. Today we are going to give you some ideas of this 10 days internet package hope you like these ideas.

Among Airtel 10 days internet package, first of all I will talk about 5 GB internet pack. You can buy this 5 GB internet pack for 159 taka which you get 10 days validity. *123*159# This is the activation code to activate this internet package.

You can purchase 7GB internet for 10 days. You have to spend only 179 rupees to purchase this Internet package which you can activate by dialing the activation code. *123*179# This is the code to activate this package.

You can also purchase many other internet or MB offers from Airtel. Our next article is going to be about Airtel monthly internet packages and stay tuned for our next article to know the details of Airtel’s 30-day internet packages currently available.

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