Banglalink Free Internet Offer 2023

If you want to purchase any free internet offer from Banglalink then you must provide correct information about this. Generally it is very difficult to get anything for free these days so banglalink is giving you free internet for a special reason. Today we will tell you about that special reason and how you can get this free internet.

We have come to know through the official website of Banglalink that Banglalink is giving some free internet to any 4G smartphone. If you buy these 4G smartphones approved by Banglalink then you can buy a lot of free internet from there. So let’s try to know which offers Banglalink is giving and what are these offers.

Banglalink Free Internet Offer On Any 4G Smartphone

If you buy a Banglalink 4G handset then there are several types of offers for you. Those of you who buy 4G handsets above Tk 15000 in this free internet package of Bangla Link will get 15 GB internet absolutely free for twelve months. For this every month you will be given 1 GB 4g internet and 3 GB toffee internet absolutely free. This internet period will be given for 7 days and from the second month you will get 1 GB 4G internet period per month which has a period of 7 days. For this you need to dial a code every month and that code is *5000*521# through which you can activate 4G internet for 7 days. The next internet or next month internet activation code is *5000*23# through which you can activate next eleven month internet.

If you purchase a handset above 8000 taka and below 15000 taka in your Banglalink free internet offer, you will get 12 GB internet there. The codes to activate the internet are exactly the same but here you will get 1 GB 4g internet with 3 GB trophy internet and the validity is seven days. Apart from this you will get 1 GB internet from next month and you will get it for full nine months.

For those of you who want to buy handsets below 8000 rupees, Banglalink is giving 9 GB internet absolutely free within six months. You have to activate this 9GB internet package within six months by dialing the same code and you will get exactly the same package in the first month. You will get exactly the same package from the second month and the duration of each package is fixed here for seven days.

Terms Of Use Of Banglalink Free Internet

Of course, you have to purchase the handsets that are included in Banglalink’s free internet coverage. Besides, you must use these handsets under 4G SIM and in 4G network coverage area for internet. Dial *5000*500# activation code to know your remaining internet balance.

You may be aware from the above section that in the first month by dialing the activation code, you get 1GB 4g internet along with 3GB Toffee internet for free. From next month you will get 1 GB internet and they are giving 7 days validity of each internet package. All in all, Banglalink is giving you very good quality internet packages, I hope you will be very happy if you can enjoy these internet packages.

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