Banglalink Postpaid Sim Monthly Postpaid Plans 2023

SIMs are generally of two types. One sim is prepaid sim and another sim is postpaid sim. Postpaid SIMs are primarily designed for business purposes. But now there is no special use of postpaid SIM, so Banglalink is giving some good quality offers for regular use of this postpaid SIM. Of course, you can use the postpaid SIM very well by making a full month plan.

Today we will consult you about postpaid SIM monthly plans. Those of you who want to know about different types of postpaid SIM plans stay with us patiently. We have the details of the current monthly plans of Banglalink Postpaid SIM. There are several such offers for those looking to purchase internet offers and minute packs within one plan.

Banglalink Postpaid SIM

If you want to do a small monthly plan from Banglalink Postpaid SIM, then you can take this plan of Rs. 222 in Banglalink Postpaid SIM. That’s why you have to spend only 222 rupees per month and in return you will get 3 GB internet with 300 minutes talk time. There are also 100 SMS. It is a one month complete plan that once you take it you don’t need to take another plan that month.

Banglalink postpaid SIM bundle package offer of Tk 299

You can purchase a nice bundle package with Banglalink Postpaid SIM for Rs 299. It is true that they have given the price of this package 299 rupees but here they are giving you full 10 GB internet. Who you get full 300 minutes talk time and 50 sms. Out of 10 GB internet, full 9 GB is regular internet and 1 GB is internet for using the Toffee app.

Banglalink postpaid SIM bundle package offer of Tk 499

For those who want to spend a little more, there is a nice plan of Rs 499 for a full month on Banglalink postpaid SIM. We came to know about this offer when we wanted to collect Banglalink postpaid SIM information. For this you have to spend 499 taka for the whole month and in return you will get 25 GB internet with 650 minutes and 100 SMS. Out of this 25 GB internet, you will be given 20 GB of regular internet and 5 GB of internet for using Toffee app.

Banglalink postpaid SIM bundle package offer of Tk 999

You will get full 65 GB internet by writing Bangla and spending Tk 999 on postpaid SIM. This is not the end as you will get a big package of 1400 minutes talk time and 200 SMS as a bonus. Of course if you look a little better then maybe no company can give you such a big package of 999 rupees.

Since it is Bangla Lake and postpaid SIM on top of that, you are getting such a great offer at such a low price. Of course if you buy this offer you can save 300 to 400 taka. Of course, these offers are open for Banglalink postpaid customers.

Banglalink postpaid sim call rate offer

54 paisa you can enjoy on Banglalink postpaid SIM. For this you have to spend only 1.23 rupees. From then on you can enjoy call rate of 54 paise per minute for that query and direct SMS will be charged at 50 paise per SMS. This is the fun of using Banglalink Postpaid SIM that you can never experience with other SIMs.

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