GP 40 Minutes Offer 2023

If you want to purchase the 40 minutes offer from your GP SIM then you must know the details about this offer. I am trying to know about different offers of 40 minutes directly from official website. Of course we will try to give you detailed information about this Grameenphone 40 minutes offer.

Those of you who are regular users of Grameenphone, stay with us a little patiently and know more about this offer. Besides, this article can help you to know more about the latest offers of Grameenphone in the market. Often there are many people who buy small packages but do not get the details even after searching the information in different places in those small packages. But we try to show you the smallest things in better detail. By doing this, the quality of our articles is better and the articles are more acceptable to everyone.

Grameenphone 40 Minutes Offer Activation Code 2023

If you want to purchase this package of 40 minutes from your Grameenphone SIM, then you may not have any idea about which activation dial you can purchase the package. I will give you two options, you can purchase this beautiful package using any of these two options.

We are aware that voice call prices have increased a lot these days so everyone is trying to buy and use minute packages. By doing this we can purchase and use the minute package at very low cost. It is different for those who take very big packages but Grameenphone has given equal importance to those who take small packages. Today we will try to know about Grameenphone 40 minutes package activation code.

Among the two options, the first option is if you directly recharge the Grameenphone SIM for 24 taka, then you can activate this package of 40 minutes. This means that the package price of 40 minutes is 24 taka and you can directly purchase this package by recharging your sim for 24 taka. Another option is to dial the USSD activation code. *121*4002# This is the package activation code. You can easily purchase this package by dialing this activation by placing a certain amount of money on your Grameenphone SIM.

After purchasing this minute package you can use it for voice calls to any local operator number. Earlier there used to be restrictions here, but now due to the increase in the price of minutes, these restrictions have been lifted. Apart from this if you want to know about this package then I will say that this package is valid for 24 hours. That is, if you buy this package of 40 minutes for 24 taka, you will get 24 hours.

GP Recharge Minute Pack 2023

Talking about GP Recharge Minute Pack 2022, you can enjoy a package of 23 minutes with a validity of 16 hours by directly recharging 14 taka. Apart from this, you can enjoy the 40 minutes package directly by recharging 24 taka. Besides, there is a direct recharge of Tk 44 in a big pack of 70 minutes which will have a validity of 4 days. If you recharge 53 taka directly from your GP SIM, you will get 85 minutes, the validity of these 85 minutes is 7 days.

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