GP Internet And Minute Offer Recharge 2023

Generally the offers that can be activated through recharge are called recharge offers. Recharge offer was not so popular in the past but now this recharge offer is quite popular. The biggest advantage of recharge offers is that recharge offers can be activated directly through recharge and there is no other hassle. Recharge offer can be a perfect offer for you to activate Khasal Bhakta internet package.

Grameenphone has several recharge internet and minutes offers for Grameenphone prepaid SIM users. Basically, the offers which include internet and minutes together are called bundle packages. If you can buy these bundle packages through recharge then it becomes more convenient for you. Today we will discuss the most popular of these GP bundle packages.

GP Bundle Recharge Offer

The biggest package in the GP bundle recharge is the all-rounder pack of 50 GB internet and 1000 minutes. For a common man, 50 GB of internet and 1000 minutes of talk time seems to be enough for me for a month. So this package is named the all-rounder package and the validity of this order package is full 30 days. To buy this order bag, you need to recharge 899 taka directly to your grameen phone prepaid number.

There is another package among Grameenphone’s bundle packages where you will get 15 GB bonus internet immediately if you buy 25 GB internet. It’s unbelievable that if you buy 25 GB, you get 15 GB bonus and get 40 GB of internet. This is not the end with the full 800 minutes of talk time. Many may not believe it but it is actually happening in Grameenphone prepaid SIM. Also has 30 days validity and bonus GP 600 points. I can’t believe it myself and the price of the complete package here is only Rs 799.

Grameenphone’s minutes and internet packages include 15 GB of the internet with 5 GB as a bonus. 700 minutes of talk time is also given to those who are getting 5 GB internet bonus along with 15 GB internet. This entire bundle is valid for 30 days and is priced at Rs 699 only. So why delay any more, if you like this package immediately, activate it by recharging 699 taka.

For those who prefer smaller packages, Grameenphone has come up with only 12 GB internet and 350 minutes of off time. The specialty of B package is that you will be given 350 GP points if you buy this package. You have to spend only 489 rupees to purchase this package and you can activate this package anytime you want.

Besides, there is also a big package of 250 minutes with 8 GB of internet. Although this package is very small compared to other packages, the reason why we call it big is that most people take this package. This package is very popular in terms of popularity and you can get this package by spending only Rs 397 from GP Prepaid SIM.

From GP SIM you can buy a combo pack for 7 days where you get a 1 GB internet bonus along with 2.5 GB internet. This internet has 150 minutes and its full price is only Tk 149.

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