Gp Internet Offer 7 days 2023

GP Internet Offer 7 days you will find many beautiful offers. Basically a few years ago I used to buy weekly internet too. Back then these weekly internets were much cheaper than monthly internets and there was very little opportunity to buy internet. Currently, these packages remain the same, although the types have changed slightly. Those of you who want to buy this weekly internet package, please be patient and take a decision after looking at our complete package list.

Maybe after seeing our list you will change your mind completely because there are many types of 7 days packages which are completely different from the packages you are used to. So let’s try to find out which 7-day package offer has been allocated by Grameenphone authorities for its customers in 2023. If you have any other ideas or know anything else about the packages, please let us know.

Grameenphone 2 GB Internet 7 Days

If you want to purchase 2 GB internet from Grameenphone and if that internet offer is valid for 7 days then you have to spend only 98 taka. *121*3322# You will get a chance to purchase this beautiful Grameenphone offer for just 89 taka by dialing the activation code.

Grameenphone 5 GB Internet 7 Days

If you want to purchase 5GB internet from Grameenphone SIM then you have to spend only 114 rupees. The biggest thing is that if you spend this 114 rupees, you can purchase the internet for 7 days. *121*3344# This code is the code to activate this beautiful offer package.

Grameenphone 8 GB Internet 7 Days

Usually 7 days internet packages have a fixed size. Not too much internet is provided here, internet is provided in small measure so that it is not wasted. According to me, this Grameenphone 8GB internet package is going to be the perfect package for those who use internet regularly. The special feature of this package is that here you will get full 6GB of Fiji Internet and 2GB of Four Point 5G Internet. The complete package is priced at Tk 148. *121*3262# Anyone can activate this Sundar package by dialing the activation code.

Grameenphone 12 GB Internet 7 Days

If you want to purchase 7 days 12 GB internet package from Grameenphone then you must have an idea about this package. This 12 GB internet package includes 2 GB 4g internet. And the complete package is priced at Rs.188. By dialing the activation code *121*3133# you can purchase this beautiful package of twelve GB internet from Grameenphone which is priced at Tk 198.

Grameenphone 15 GB Internet 7 Days

If you buy 15 GB internet on Grameenphone then you are getting 2 GB bonus internet. For those of you who didn’t know about this offer, you can buy full 17 GB internet for 7 days for just 189 rupees. Surprisingly, you can activate this internet package through My GP Apps. Not only that, you also get Bscope Cinematic and Prime Pass for free. Then without waiting any more, activate the 7 days 15 GB internet package through My GP Apps from Grameenphone.

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