GP MB Recharge Offer 2023

If a question like this is asked among the public which is the easiest way to buy Grameenphone internet then according to me 100 out of 100 people will say recharge packages. The biggest advantage of this package is that you only need to know how much internet you can purchase by recharging. Then you don’t have to do anything directly recharge that amount of money to your gramin sim then you are done.

As soon as your internet package is activated, you will receive an SMS on your Grameenphone SIM which will contain the confirmation of your internet package being activated. The SMS contains detailed information about how much internet you can buy and how long the validity of this internet package is and how you can check it repeatedly. All in all for me the recharge offers are the best for internet purchases which may be the same for others. Today we will tell you about the internet packages that you can purchase directly through recharge.

GP Recharge Internet Package 30 days

Among the GB recharge internet package, the biggest package is this package to buy 200 GB 4G internet. 200 GB internet is usually required by those who are always connected to the internet and busy with the internet. You will have to spend Rs.1999 to purchase this mega big internet package. But the simple thing about this pack is that you can directly purchase this package on your GP SIM by recharging 1999 taka.

We are talking about a mega big offer for 30 days period that is 100 GB internet big package. To purchase this big package you have to spend Rs.1499. The easiest way to purchase this big internet package is to directly recharge your GP SIM for Rs.1499.

If you directly recharge 999 taka from your grameenphone sim then you will see that 80 GB internet has come there. This 80 GB internet package is offered for 30 days. Hope this package will change your internet usage experience.

If you want to purchase 40GB internet recharge offer directly on your Grameenphone SIM then recharge Tk 649. Yes you have seen right of course if you recharge 649 rupees directly you can buy big internet package of 40 GB which will be valid for 30 days.

Besides, you can purchase 25GB internet package with a validity of 30 days directly by paying Tk 499. It is basically a medium sized internet package and one of the most used monthly internet packages.

Also if you want to buy an internet pack like 10 GB internet package for 30 days then you have to directly recharge 349 taka on your Grameenphone SIM. There is no easier way to buy online.

Grameenphone recharge internet package 7 days

If you want to purchase 7 days recharge package from Grameenphone then there is a great offer of 13 GB internet package where you can purchase this offer through direct recharge of only 189 Tk.

If we talk about seven days internet package, we have to talk about 10 GB internet package. Recharge Rs 148 directly and avail this beautiful internet package. There is also 5gb internet for 7 days which you need to recharge 114 taka directly to your sim to purchase.

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