GP New Internet Offer 2023

When we visited the official website to know about GP’s new internet offers, we were informed about several types of internet offers. We will try to inform you about almost every type of offer. If you are a prepaid customer of Robi, then you will get any offer and if you are a postpaid customer, you will get any offer. We have everything diesel here. We will inform you about this special information directly through the official website of Grameenphone.

However, there are some very interesting information in the Internet packages announced by Grameenphone in 2013. I will discuss with you about the packages, hope you can get details from here. So without further ado let’s start the detailed discussion about GP’s new internet offer.

GP new unlimited internet package 2023

First of all, we have to talk about 1.5 GB of internet in GP’s internet package. Here Grameenphone is giving you this internet package for 3 days only for 57 taka. You can purchase it directly online or through the My GP app.

You can buy 2.5 GB internet on GP through your My GP apps and enjoy bonus 35 GB points. Here you get 512 MB bonus with 2 GB internet. The price is fixed at Rs 69 and the validity is 3 days.

You can purchase full 8 GB internet from your GP SIM. To buy 8GB internet from GP SIM you have to spend Rs.148. If you activate this package for 148 taka for 7 days through apps or GP’s official website, there are 90 GP points as 79 pages.

In addition, among the new internet packages of GP, 1 GB internet is Tk 43. This complete package is valid for 3 days and you can purchase the package using the same method. Besides, there is a package of 15 GB internet for full 30 days. The price of this package of 15 GB Internet for 30 days is Tk. 398. If you want, you can buy 15 GB internet for Tk 31890 through Magete business.

Apart from this, there is an opportunity to buy 5GB of internet for Tk 299 in the popular packages that are included in Grameenphone’s new internet pack. 4GB internet with 1GB as bonus and valid for 30 days.

Apart from that you can buy 30 GB internet if you want and out of this 3 GB internet 20 GB internet price is Rs.499 and you will be given another 10 GB internet as a bonus. The complete package costs 499 and has a validity of 30 days. This is not the end of the purchase of this package you will get My GP Apps 350 GP points bonus.

The unlimited internet we mentioned includes two hours unlimited volume pack. For Rs 23 you can buy unlimited volume pack for two hours through GP Apps. Also Unlimited Volume Pack includes Unlimited Volume Pack for 3 hours. The price of this package is 34 taka through which you can use internet as much as you want for 3 hours.

GP New Bonus Internet Package

The package includes 6 GB internet where you can purchase 4 GB internet with 2 GB bonus for 7 days for Rs 139. Besides, there is full 3 GB internet where you can buy 2 GB internet with 1 GB bonus for 114 Tk for 7 days and with it you can get more bonus 55 GP points.

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