Grameenphone Best Internet Offer 2023 With Activation Code

We have selected some of the best internet offers from Grameenphone. This best internet offer of Grameenphone includes some all-rounder packs which we will discuss in detail in front of you directly through the official website. Those of you who use Grameenphone regularly must know that Grameenphone is the best mobile operator company in the country. There is no room to call any other operator bigger than Grameenphone.

Those of you who use Grameenphone regularly are definitely looking for Grameenphone’s best internet offers. Today we will discuss with you in detail about Grameenphone’s best internet package. Deshara mobile operator company has many packages, we don’t understand which one to talk about. Today we are going to discuss all-rounder bags with you in detail.

Grameenphone Allrounder Pack

The packages that we will talk about today can be activated directly through the My GP app or through Grameenphone’s official website. Since these are slightly different packages, here you cannot activate the packages in any way other than these two methods. So we have clearly stated this matter in front of you all for the sake of everyone.

Big pack includes 50 GB internet and 1000 minutes bundle package. For those of you who plan a lot for a whole month and want to buy any package, Grameenphone is offering 50 GB internet and 1000 minutes at the cheapest price. 50 GB internet and 1000 minutes talk time is only Tk 899. Really many things are available so cheap nowadays.

Allrounder pack includes 25 GB internet with 15 GB bonus internet. You are surprised at first that you are given full 15 GB bonus internet ie full 40 GB internet with a package of 800 minutes. Again the complete package is priced at Tk 799 and has a validity of 30 days. Not only this, you also get 600GB points bonus which only Grameenphone customers can enjoy.

If you want to buy other all-rounder packs from Grameenphone then there is 15GB internet with 5GB bonus internet. Along with 15GB internet, this 5GB bonus internet will be valid for 30 days and has 700 minutes. That is, the price of the entire 20 GB Internet and 700 meters is only 699 taka and the validity is 30 days.

Also you will get 1GB internet with 1GB sister internet in all rounder pack. It also includes 50 minutes ie 2 GB internet and the price of 50 minutes is only Tk 113 and the validity is 7 days. This is not the end with 90 GB points.

If you are a GP user, you can purchase an all-rounder pack of 350 minutes with 12 GB internet. This order package is priced at Tk 479 and valid for 30 days. To buy this big term package you have to spend Rs 489 but for this you will be given 350 GB points as bonus. It is a brand new package.

Besides, there is a new package of 250 minutes with full 8 GB internet, where the price of the complete package is 397 Tk. You will get the opportunity to buy full 30 GB internet for 97 rupees very easily. Hope you got to know Grameenphone’s new internet package very well. Always stay with us to get more new information like this.

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