How to Check Gp Internet Offer 2023

There are several ways to check GP Internet offers. Now if you want to know how to know about GP internet offer then we can give you several types of information. There are several types of information you can use to find out about GP Internet offers. Currently, Grameenphone is offering different types of offers to each person separately. Grameenphone will bring you the same offers as you use Grameenphone.

Today we will try to know how you can know about all your internet offers from a Grameenphone prepaid SIM. Since we use the internet more, the internet offers to give us more pleasure. Today we will try to know about all these internet offers of Grameenphone and also how to view them. I will tell those who are missing different types of Internet offers of Grameenphone, after knowing the method from here, I hope that you will not miss the information on any offer.

Grameenphone Internet Offers Check Apps

Those who use Grameenphone Prepaid SIM must be aware that Grameenphone authorities have launched an app called My GP Apps for Android smartphones. Here basically information about all types of packages in your SIM and information on all types of offers is given. Also, you can use these My GP apps to know about the latest balance and other features of your SIM.

You can download My GP Apps directly from the Google Play Store and then install it on your phone. If you regularly follow My GP Apps after completing the login register, you will be able to know about all types of internet packages in your SIM from there. . The easiest thing to know about this internet package is through My GP app and if you already like any internet package from there then it is very easy to activate.


To those who want to know about Grameenphone’s internet offer, I will tell you to download and install Ma GP apps on your phone without looking elsewhere. So for those who want to know how to know about Grameenphone’s internet offer, the easiest method according to me is My GP Apps.

GP Internet Offer Check Code

Many people do not use apps due to various problems. So in that case those who want to know about Grameenphone internet offer will be neglected it is wrong idea. There is definitely a system for them and the GP authority has kept a code for them by dialing the code you can know about all Grameenphone internet packs instantly.

For that, the thing that needs to be done is that you have to open the keypad from your phone and from there you have to dial *121# this option and immediately a new interface will be launched in front of you. There are several types of offers and you have to select the number 5 offer among these offers because this number 5 offer is the internet offer.

From there you can easily know about all the internet offers on your SIM. If you like the internet packages then you can activate Jhotpar from there as long as you have a certain amount of balance on your GP SIM. No doubt you can visit our website regularly to know all the information related to GP

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