Internet Offer Robi 2023

Robi has brought some offers that you can enjoy only from Robi Prepaid SIM. Today we will discuss with you all the regular internet offers on Robi SIM. However, there are some misconceptions that we want to clear up today. Basically an offer has a fixed term and after that fixed term you cannot take the offer no matter how hard you try.

So if you see the regular internet offers that we present to you after six months or a year and don’t apply then there is nothing we can do here. Be sure to follow our articles closely and keep track of when our articles are uploaded. This way you will be aware of the information. Today we are going to discuss about 2023 internet offer Robi.

Robi’s new internet offer of 2023

We directly entered Robi’s official website to get updated information. Then I entered the Internet offer and saw that the list of several offers is very well presented. But all these internet offers have to be bought through online which option is given next. If you want to buy these packages online then you can easily buy every offer online by clicking on this link. Offer but follow the list below very well.

Among the brand new internet offers of 2023, the biggest package is sixty GB internet. You can purchase 60GB internet for full 30 days and here you have to spend only Rs.549. Robi has made this internet package for its customers which is really very cheap.

If you go to buy 25 GB internet for 349 taka then you will be given full 30 days validity here. For those of you who were looking for a low price 2023 monthly internet package, this might be a good enough internet package for you. So activate this package without delay.

We all know that Robi Internet packages are always very well made. It also happens that customers from other operators come back to Robi only after seeing the internet package. And there are some really great internet packages behind it. You can buy 13GB of internet from your Robi Prepare SIM for just Rs.259. Not only this, this 13 GB internet will be given to you for a full 30 days.

If you buy 13 GB of internet from Robi SIM for 7 days then your cost will be reduced further. You have to buy the full 13 GB of internet for 7 days only for 148 taka which seems really cheap package to me.

Also, you can take other packages like 8 GB internet for 7 days if you want. This 8GB internet is the most popular among Robi’s weekly packages and any Robi prepaid customer can purchase this regular internet package at just Rs 131.

Also, Robi’s regular internet package includes a small package where the price of 4 GB of internet is Rs. 101. If you buy this 4gb internet for Tk 101 you will be given full 7 days validity and you can buy this internet package from Robi Prepaid SIM.

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