Robi Best Internet Offer 2023

Talking about Robi’s best internet offer today. Robi is at the forefront in terms of internet offers then they are specially giving some best internet offers which only their quality customers can enjoy. Today we will try to tell you through Robi’s official website what are the best internet offers of Robi. I want to discuss Robi’s best internet offer with you in detail.

You will be requested to be patient with us and know about Robi’s best internet offers at present. So this article will surely help you when you go for internet shopping. Today’s article will surely help you in detailing what package you want to take and which one will be perfect for you.

Robi Best Internet Recharge Offer

If you want to buy any internet package through direct recharge then Robi’s best internet offer is best for you. You can easily understand why I am saying this when you see the list of Robi’s best internet offers. It’s so tempting that you won’t know which offer to leave and which one to take.

Also, recharge offers give you the convenience of buying internet directly through recharge. Then again it is surprising to think that this recharge offer gives you internet at such a cheap price. So let’s try to know today what best internet you can buy from Robi SIM through recharge. Of course we have used information from Robi’s officer website in this regard.

Robi Best Recharge Internet offer includes 50 GB internet for 30 days. If you want to buy this 50 GB internet for 30 days then recharge your Taka Robi Prepaid SIM with Taka 698 immediately.
Robi’s Best Internet offer includes a bundle offer of 22 GB internet and 600 minutes. You can purchase this entire bundle package for just Rs.459. So purchase the package through direct recharge and enjoy the package for 15 days.

You have Rs 599 in hand and now you are wondering how the whole month will go. No need to worry because for Rs 599 you can buy worldwide GB internet and 400 minutes talk time for full 30 days. For this direct recharge of Tk 599 has to be done. Robi’s Best Internet offer also includes 12 GB internet for 30 days and 300 minutes of off time. So those who have Rs 499 don’t get disappointed as Robi has created a whole month package for you.

Robi Best Bundle Package 2023

Robi Best package includes a bundle package of 50 GB internet and 1000 minutes. Robi will give you this whole package for just Rs.949. However, the validity of this package of Rs 949 is given for 15 days.
But if you want to purchase the same package i.e. 50 GB internet with 100 minutes package for 30 days then you have to spend 998 rupees.

If you buy only 50 GB internet for 15 days from Robi, you will have to spend Rs. 469. Also if you want to purchase this 50GB internet for full 30 days then you have to spend Rs.698.
Besides, if you want to buy 45 GB internet from Robi for 30 days, you have to spend a maximum of Rs. 598.

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