Robi Bondho Sim Internet Offer 2023

When it comes to Bandh SIM, Robi’s Bandh SIM i.e. Silent SIM offer cannot be excluded. Earlier, many tried many ways to get closed SIM offers. But currently the trend of taking closed SIM offers has decreased a little because the offers are usually more. Still those who have more than one SIM take these closed SIM offers.

If you have a Robi Bandh SIM then we can certainly provide information about what offers you can avail from this Bandh SIM. You can follow our website regularly to know about different types of closed SIM offers. That’s because the closed SIM offers change anytime so follow the updates regularly to see the changed offers. Try to stay with us throughout the entire article to know what the locked SIM has to offer.

Robi Bondho Sim Offer 2023

The first thing you need to do to know Robi’s Bandh SIM offer is to check your Bandh SIM offer. You have a SIM blocked but you don’t know if it is completely blocked or eligible for offers. To do this, the first thing you need to do is to enter the blocked SIM in any mobile. After that, first of all you have to dial *888# or *8050# activation code number through which you will be able to know whether your Robi SIM has closed SIM offer.

All the following offers are recharge offers. Robi wants to make its closed SIM offers as simple as possible so it has announced every offer as a recharge offer. We have a nice list which has details of every offer of Robi Bandh SIM hope we present the information well in front of you.

If you have a Robi Bandh SIM, then on direct recharge of Tk 31 you will get a package of 45 minutes talk time with 1 GB internet. If you like the package, recharge 31 taka to your closed sim and enjoy this small package for 7 days.

Robi you had was closed If you recharge directly Rs 37 then you will be given several offers at the same time. You will be given 3 GB as internet data and 30 minutes as talk time package. The validity is 7 days and you will get call rate of 48 paisa/minute and you will get this call rate for up to 30 days.

If you directly recharge your Robi Bandh SIM at Rs 47 then you will get Rs 47 call rate for full 30 days. VAT tax will be added to this of course but the actual call will be 47 paise.

Those who want to buy only internet on Robi SIM will get 6.5 GB internet through direct recharge of 48 taka of Robi Bandh SIM. To get this 6.5gb regular internet you need to directly recharge your Robi Bandh SIM 48 taka. The package is valid for 7 days.

It is not only the small package that offers you a big package where you can buy 6 GB internet and 120 minutes for 119 rupees. Also, you will get full bundle package of 30 GB internet and 700 minutes talk time directly on recharge of Tk 448. These two packages will be valid for 30 days so you can choose any package as per your wish.

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