Robi Bundle Offer 30 Days 2023

Today we are going to discuss some special information about the country’s best mobile operator company Robi. We have collected all the information in this article through Robi’s official website. So the possibility of error is very less and if any information is changed in Robi’s official website then we will try to upload it through a new article. Today we will mainly discuss about bundle offers.

Currently, bundle offers are popular offers for everyone because bundle offers offer many things at very affordable prices. Also, bundle offers have become more popular among everyone to purchase different types of offers at the same time in a very short period of time. If you want to purchase different bundle packs from your Robi SIM then let us know which bundle pack might be the best for you. So let’s get started without further ado.

Robi Bundle Offer Pack 30 days

You can purchase various bundle offer packs from your Robi SIM. The biggest advantage of purchasing these bundle offer packages is that at the same time you can do the internet package along with the minutes package. Also, SMS package is provided in many packages so undoubtedly these bundle packages are good quality packages for you.

Today we will talk to you about all types of bundle packages for 30 days. Hope these bundle packages are good quality packages for you which you can purchase very easily. As we have said before and we are still saying that we bring you all the information directly through the official website of the disease.

Robi 2 GB 80 Minutes Bundle Package

If you want to purchase a package of 80 minutes with 2GB internet package from your Robi SIM then that option is available in Robi’s bundle package. This complete package is valid for full 30 days. The best thing is that you can purchase this small bundle package for just Rs.189.

Robi 5 GB 200 Minutes Bundle Package

If you have a Robi Prepaid SIM then you can purchase 200 minutes bundle package with 5GB internet for full 30 days. These packages are available very cheaply as you can purchase it for just Rs.269.

Robi 25 GB 600 Minutes Bundle package

Generally if a package is purchased for 30 days then everyone will have this in their mind that their entire 30 days needs will be fulfilled in that one package. To calculate that, of course the amount of internet can be more and the amount of minutes can also be more. For example, this package offers 600 minutes with 25 GB internet. A Robi prepaid customer has to spend Rs 548 to purchase this complete package.

Robi 35 GB 800 Minutes Bundle Package

If you want to purchase this bundle package of 800 minutes with 35 GB internet from your Robi SIM then you have to purchase this package by spending only Rs.648.

Robi 60 GB 1200 Minutes Bundle Package

Robi’s bundle package includes a family pack. This family pack has been made a family pack of 2000 SMS with full 60 GB internet and 1200 minutes talk time. Here you will get the opportunity to share data pack and minute pack and SMS pack among your family members. You can buy the complete package for 998 rupees.

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