Robi Free Internet Offer 2023

If you want to receive free internet from your used Robi prepaid SIM then you must know the correct information about this. Currently, nothing is being given for free so if you want to know about this you must collect the right information. We have tried to find out whether there is any free internet offers on Robi SIM at present through the official website of the group.

We hope you will be patient with us to know the information we get. We have come to know through the official website that no free internet is being given to you directly. If you want to get free internet, you must buy some major internet with which you will get free internet. But to know about that, you must know which package you can buy this internet for free.

So let’s start without further ado and tell you how you can get free internet from Robi SIM. You can get different types of internet packages in your Robi SIM, but if you look carefully at all the internet packages, you will definitely get some free internet package offers. We hope you stay with us throughout the entire article as we try to tell you about the packages.

Robi Free Internet Offer 2023

Robi Free Internet offer includes the opportunity to get a full 26 GB to 30 GB internet. After hearing that such a large internet is being given absolutely free, you may jump in the morning, but you have to be patient. Because Robi is offering this free internet only for 4G users and 5G users. Today we will know details about this 26 GB to 30 GB free internet offer of Robi.

Only Robi Prep customers using 4G and 5G handsets can redeem this offer.
26GB of free internet is being given to those using 4G handsets and this internet will be valid for full 12 months. Basically, 2 GB will be given from the second to the sixth month and 1 GB will be given from the seventh month to 12 months.
If you use Robi 5G handset then you will get full 30 GB internet. For this, 4 GB internet will be provided from the first month and 2 GB internet every month from the next month.

To avail of this great internet offer of Robi SIM, you need to purchase a smartphone. These handsets offered with the Robi SIM package include all the famous brands like Vivo, oppo, realme, Xiaomi, Walton, Poko.
If you buy any phone of these bands, you can enjoy these offers of Robi SIM very easily from there.

If you want to activate this internet offer i.e. free internet offer then you must dial *12191*11# activation code number. After buying the smartphone, one must immediately insert the Robi SIM there and dial this code from that Robi SIM to get the offer.
Each internet offer package will be valid for 7 days.

Hope we got clear about how to get internet on Robi sim free. There is no wrong information here and you can look at the back of the smartphone for more details or see the detailed information given on the paper inside.

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