Robi Internet Offer 1 Gb 15 Taka 2023

Today we will talk to you about a special internet offer from Robi. This was the case a few years ago when the internet was offered very cheaply in Bangladesh. In order to reduce the price, the price of internet was brought down to a point where it seemed like internet was available in Bangladesh for free. But it was the effect of business competition. They were so competitive to increase their customer base that they wanted to attract customers by lowering internet prices even if they were losing money.

The result of which we all know later. Every mobile operator company in Bangladesh reports to Bangladesh that they are currently making losses due to which they stopped paying various taxes and VAT. Then the Ministry of Telecommunication of Bangladesh increased the amount of VAT tax, so the price of each offer or each package has increased several times. Where earlier you could buy 3 minutes for 1 rupee, it is becoming very difficult to buy 1 minute for 1 rupee.

However we will not discuss that much we will just discuss about a small internet package from Robi SIM. An accurate information about which internet package you can buy for just 15 rupees and whether this internet package is currently active. Hope you can get the correct information from us here.

Robi Internet Offer 1 GB 15 Taka Details

To talk about this package in detail, first of all, only Robi customers can purchase this internet package from their Robi SIM. This internet package is offered for Robi Prepaid SIM users.
Those who purchase this package will be given only 1 GB plan internet. If the type of internet speed of the internet package is mentioned here then 3G speed internet will be provided here.
We all know that to purchase this internet package you need to spend only Rs.15.
The procedure to purchase this internet package is to activate it by dialing the application code. Below we will tell you very nicely about the activation code and explain how you can purchase this package.
A Robi prepaid customer can avail this offer only once. Once the offer is purchased you cannot purchase this offer again.
Those of you who want to buy 1 GB internet from Robi for 15 taka, I am informing you that this internet package will be valid for 5 days. That means you can enjoy this beautiful offer package for 5 days.

Robi 1GB Offer Code for 15 Taka

If you want to buy 1 GB internet from Robi for 15 taka then you must know about that internet purchase offer code. We have the code that you need to dial to buy 1 GB internet from Robi for 15 taka. You can easily purchase this internet package anytime from your Robi SIM by dialing this code *212*15#.

As this is an offer package, all Robi prepaid SIM users can avail this internet package anytime. But as per the conditions if this internet package is taken once in a sim then the package will not be available later. So if you can remember if you have taken this internet package before then it will be good for you.

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