Robi Internet Offer 1 GB Code 2023

No matter how many big internet packages we use, we may never be able to handle the lure of 1 GB internet offers. That means whenever information about 1 GB internet offer comes in front of us, we like to grab that offer instantly. Because no matter how big internet offers come, these 1 GB internet offers become the most attractive offers to us. Today we will talk to you about the different types of 1 GB Internet offers of your Robi and hope you will stay with us to know about these offers.

Basically there are several ways to buy these offers from Robi, but if you want to buy the offers by following the right method, then our article will definitely help you. So I request you to try to know about Robi’s various 1 GB internet offers from here.

Robi 1 GB imo pack

For those of you who use a lot of imo apps, Robir has brought a separate imo PACK of 1 GB internet offer. To purchase this imo PACK you need to spend only 53 rupees and you can purchase this imo PACK from any Robi prepaid SIM. Those who want to buy 1 GB IMO PACK from Robi should dial *123*53# this activation code number through which you can buy 1 GB IMO PACK on your Robi Prepar SIM.

Robi 1 GB Internet Regular PACK

If you want to purchase 1GB internet package from Robi SIM then certainly Robi’s official website can help you best in this regard. Then we are trying our best to provide you various information through Robi official website where surely our customers are more happy after getting this information. We will definitely know today which offers of 1 GB internet are currently running for all prepaid customers of Robi.

First of all we have to talk about the bundle package of 1 GB internet with 30 minutes talk time. Usually you can buy this Badder package job with 1GB internet with 30 minutes talk time for only 98 rupees. The best part is that this small bundle package is valid for seven whole days.

The price of the bundle package also comes down due to the change of tenure only. Just like if you want to buy 30 minutes talk time with 1 GB internet then you have to spend 138 rupees. Now you may say hey bro above you mentioned a pack at a lower price where everything is same. So why did you talk about another package here? Basically 30 minutes off time with 1 GB internet is being offered here for 15 days bro here the price has been increased.

Also with 1 GB internet you can get another package of 30 minutes which is valid for 7 days but is priced at 125 Tk. Basically, speed 4G will be provided here, the previous speed was 3g. Hope you can easily understand why this package is priced higher.

Through the official website of Robi, we have discussed the various packages of 1 GB Internet in front of you. The main reason for doing this is that we want to gain the trust of our visitors which would never happen if we provide wrong information.

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