Robi Minute Offer 2023

Talking about the minute offer, first of all, we have to talk about Robi’s small minute offer. Robi constantly brings new minute offers for its customers. There are various ways to activate the minute packages that Robi brings to its customers for their beautiful minute packages. You can activate these minute packages by dialing the activation code or you can activate the minute packages directly through recharge.

Personally, I have been using Robi SIM for several years now and Robi SIM’s sms packages seem much cheaper to me. If SMS packages seem cheap to me, surely these SMS packages will seem much cheaper to you too. So you can also purchase different types of SMS packages if you want, but for that, you need to know the right information and we are providing that information.

Robi Exclusive SMS Offer 2023

Talking about Robi’s exclusive SMS offer, first of all, we have to talk about the small mini pack of 5 minutes. You can purchase this exclusive mini-pack SMS offer for just Rs 3.04. If you suddenly need to buy a minute check and you don’t have much balance on your SIM then this minute pack can be your danger companion with a validity of 4 hours.

Of course, you can purchase different types of minutes packages from Robi, one of the smallest of which is the minis package, which is a package of 12 minutes. You need to spend only Rs 4.31 to purchase this 12 minutes package. Here your minutes will be valid for 6 hours.

Among the better quality minutes packages from Robi, there is an option to buy 25 minutes for 14 rupees. If you want to buy 25 minutes for 14 taka then you have to recharge 14 taka directly. This is a very easy way that you and Robi SIM can enjoy 25 minutes package for 16 hours by direct recharge of 14 Tk.

If you want to buy more minutes package than your Robi sim then you must know about this 7 days minute package. You need to spend only Rs.99 to purchase this 7-day minutes package and you can purchase 170 minutes. To purchase this package of 170 minutes you need to dial *0*6# activation code.

Also, you can enjoy a very nice minute package through direct recharge of Tk 118 from Robi SIM where you can buy 205 minutes for Tk 118. The validity of this minute package is fixed for 10 days and you don’t have to spend much to get this minute package.

From Robi, you can purchase 360 minutes for just Rs 218. Recharge Tk 218 directly to your Robi SIM to enjoy 60 minutes recharge offer with Tk 218. With this, you can enjoy 360 minutes of voice to use on any operator and it will have a validity of 30 days.

From Robi, you can enjoy this beautiful offer of 380 minutes for 30 days through a direct recharge of Tk 224. This offer is a very good offer for those who want to buy minutes for the whole month at once and can stay safe for the whole month with just one recharge. Enjoy this offer of 380 minutes by directly recharging Tk 224.

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