GP 30 GB Free Internet 2023

You have to be patient to know about 30GB free internet. Because getting such a big internet package for free is not an issue now. For that you must be patient and know the details about it. Initially I also don’t believe that 30 GB internet will give you free at present. So we want to talk to you clearly about this. So let’s try to find out.

Grameenphone 30 GB Internet 1 Tk for doctors

We all know that the best mobile operator companies in the country constantly bring new things to the market. The new offers some benefits to its customers that customers are much happier after receiving the benefits. Just as they have launched this great offer only for doctors that offer can only be activated by doctors.

If you are an MBBS doctor then GP operator company has this offer as a gift for you. You can buy this gift offer for just one rupee and you can enjoy this offer for up to 30 days. It does not end here.

You can purchase this Grameenphone 30 GB internet pack for one taka for the next six months. Basically, doctors are the ones who are doing the most to deal with the fighting during the pandemic. As part of Grameenphone’s Tk 100 crore support program, they are giving 30 GB internet for one Tk to doctors. They have a list of 25000 doctors and each of these doctors can buy 30GB internet for just one rupee and this process will continue for 6 months.

So if you are an MBBS doctor then this internet will help you a lot to reach your form. We all loved such a big initiative of Grameenphone. Being the best mobile company in the country is not that easy but Grameenphone has shown how to be a mobile company without the country. Now many people want to know how to get this 30 GB internet. This is discussed below.

Grameenphone 30 GB Internet for 1 Tk

If you want to buy 30GB internet from Grameenphone for Rs 1 then you must be an MBBS doctor. You need to register with Grameenphone in the list of MBBS doctors through a Grameenphone SIM used by you. And then your offer activation code will come on Grameenphone SIM by dialing the code or through recharge you can purchase this offer.

30 GB Free Internet Active Code

Those of you who want to activate 30 GB free internet, activate it without delay and dial one to get your 30 GB free internet. Stop dialing why? I have forgotten that you do not know the active code that I will tell you now.

By dialing this activation code *123*1495*1# you can easily enjoy 30 GB internet absolutely free from any of your SIM. Another big thing is that this 30 GB internet that you are getting absolutely free is for a period of 90 days.

I will tell those who want to take free internet to be careful. The reason is that nothing can be given for free nowadays, so the fact that it is free does not mean that it is free. Finally, it appears that the loss you incur while taking this free internet would have been more profitable if you bought the internet with money.

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