Grameenphone Minute Offer Code 2023

From time to time we hear about Grameenphone’s different minute offers in different places. But most of us don’t notice the most important thing. That important thing is the offer code. That is, if you don’t know the code you dial to activate the minute offer from Grameenphone, how can you activate it. Today’s article is mainly about that offer code.

Those who are Grameenphone customers have come to the right place to know the offer code. As always, we will try to inform you about Grameenphone minute offer codes and the latest new minute offers in the market in 2022. Of course, those who are new visitors to our website must be aware of what kind of information our website provides you. Hope this time we will not disappoint you and we can give you the information you want.

Grameenphone Exclusive Minute Offer Code 2023

Talking about Grameenphone minute offers here would be a very long list. We have information about minute offer above 30pm and information about that minute offer code. So we thought which one to keep and which one to give you in this short article. But of course you can easily know all the information from here so be patient with us and know about all the minute offer codes one by one.

If you want to buy a small one-minute offer from Grameenphone, then the first offer will be a 10-minute offer for 6 taka. If you buy this 10 minutes offer for 6 rupees, you can use these minutes on any number and the validity will be 6 hours. By dialing the activation code *121*4024# you can purchase this small Grameenphone 10 minute package very nicely.

Grameenphone has brought its customers an opportunity to purchase 20 minutes for just 14 rupees. For this you have two options one is you can directly recharge your Grameenphone SIM for Rs.14. The other one is *121*4001# you can easily buy 20 minutes using the activation code which has a fixed duration of 16 hours.

Grameenphone has come up with another nice package for its customers where you can enjoy 24 minutes talk time on direct recharge of Rs.16. The duration of this 24-minute package is fixed at 24 hours. You can enjoy this package without directly recharging. By dialing *121*4207# activation quota, you can purchase a 24-minute package for 16 taka very nicely.

You can buy a small package of 35 minutes for 24 rupees from Grameenphone SIM. The validity of this minute package is fixed for 24 hours and you have the option to purchase this package through any of two ways. You can enjoy this package of 35 minutes by dialing the activation code *121*4002# or if you want, you can directly recharge your Grameenphone SIM for Tk 24.

You can enjoy Rs 44 recharge from your Grameenphone SIM or 65 minutes from GP to any operator by dialing *121*4003# activation code. The validity of this minute package is fixed for 3 days.

Also if talking about big minute package then you can purchase 160 minutes package by dialing *121*4006# activation directly from Grameenphone for 99 rupees recharge which is fixed for 7 days.

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