Robi Internet Offer List 2023

For the first time in 2023, Robi has released a list of new internet offers in the market. Today’s business is a business of competition and the better the service you can provide, the more customers will be attracted to you. So Robi has gone one step ahead and released a first of all brand new list which mentions the very best internet offers. Today we will know about Robi’s current various internet offers.

Ravi, you have come to the right place to know about the old Sunday SIM offers you have in addition to what kind of internet offers you will get on that SIM if you buy a new SIM. As always today we will try to inform you about all types of Robi Internet Packets according to the list. Hope you will try to learn about all these things from us.

Robi New SIM Offer 2023

If you activate a new SIM from Robi i.e. buy a new prepaid SIM then there are some nice packages for you. Here you will be offered several types of offers depending on the type of recharge. Today we will try to tell you what offers you can get from Robi on various types of recharge.

If you directly recharge your Robi prepaid new SIM with Rs 82 then you will get full 100 minutes in a package that will be valid for 15 days. You can use these minutes on any mobile operator’s SIM from Robi. Along with this, you will also be given full 4 GB internet and this 4 GB internet is being given in full for 15 days. Your mail account will have 5 taka and you will get full benefit of 1 paisa/second call rate for 30 days.

Also if you directly recharge your Robi Prepaid new SIM by Rs 42 then you have twenty minutes worth of use on any operator package. This minute package will be valid for full 7 days. You will get 2 GB of internet for seven days here. Besides, 20 taka will remain in your mail account and you will get 1 paisa call rate for 30 days. Altogether 42 taka recharge is giving you a lot of internets.

In addition, there are many Internet buying opportunities in the next 12 months. You will get 1GB of internet for 7 days every month for the next 12 months if you recharge only Rs.18. However, in this case, it must be noted that these offers are only applicable to those SIMs that have been activated after November 2022. So there is no way to miss these offers if you buy a new SIM within this date.

Robi’s Best Ten Internet Offers 2023

If you are looking for great internet offers on your Robi SIM then we have information on several types of internet packages. We will talk to you about some of the best internet packages of 2023.

You can purchase 1 GB of internet for just 22 rupees. Robi has launched mega offer of 1GB of internet for its prepaid customers and this internet package will be valid for 7 days.
You can purchase 1GB internet package for 30 days from your Robi SIM by spending only 25 rupees. It is a surprise that Robi is offering internet packages at such a cheap price because the internet packages are currently very expensive.

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