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Dear friends, welcome to our website. Today we will introduce you to a new Bangla Unicode font. And the name of this Bengali font is Kalpana Bangla font. There are many of you who like stylish Bangla fonts. Those of you who want to write captivating Bangla text using stylish Bangla font can use this font. Learn about Kalpana Bangla Unicode font from our website.

At present it is necessary to write stylish Bangla to create different types of documents or design logos or any poster or banner in Bengali. Basically those who work with graphic design need to write in Bengali in different styles. Also, the need to write stylist Bangla for making various official documents has now increased tremendously.

Those of you who are accustomed to this kind of work can use Kalpana Bangla Unicode font. Because with this font you can type in Bengali in a very tasteful style and clearly. If you read our post carefully from beginning to end, you will get a complete idea about Kalpana Bangla font.

Today we will give you a complete idea about how to download this font, how to install it and how to use it on your computer through this article. So we say keep reading this post carefully.

Kalpana Bangla Font

Kalpana Bangla Font is a very popular Unicode font in Bangladesh at present. Using this font you can type in Bengali in many styles. Lipi Bangla Font Unicode is one of the most popular Bangla Unicode fonts for typing in Bengali in our country. Many of you don’t know much about the rules or usage of this font. So for your convenience, we will continue to describe it.

How to download Kalpana Bangla Font

If you want to download Kalpana Bangla font, you can download it directly from their website address. If you do not know their website address correctly then there is no reason to worry. If you go to Google and search by typing Kalpana Bangla font, you will find many websites from where you can download this Bangla font for free.

You can also take the help of our website if you want. You can find Kalpana Bangla font download link at the bottom of our website. From there you can download this Bangla font for free.

Rules for installing Kalpana Bangla Font

If you have downloaded the file then you will get it in zip format. Now your first task will be to unzip this zip file. Once the file is unzipped you will see a ttp file there. Right click on the file and you will get a button installed at the top. You click there. Then install it through simple process.

Rules for using Kalpana Bangla Font

If Kalpana Bangla font is properly installed on your computer, then you need to first open Microsoft Office Word to use it. You will then see an option in the font bar at the top. If you click on it, you will see many types of fonts. From there you can find Kalpana Bangla font and select it. Now it is usable. Now keep typing in Bengali as you wish.

Last Words

From the above discussion we got to know in detail about Lipi Bangla font. We have tried our best to tell you everything about how to download it, how to install it and how to use it. We hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful. Visit our page regularly to get more new information like this. Thanks everyone.

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