Airtel Bundle Offer Code 2023

I personally buy and use all kinds of bundle offers. No matter which operator you use, if you look at the bundle offer, you will see that it has been done for you at a very cheap price. Today we will talk about Airtel’s bundle offer. Many people have the idea that a bundle offer means a lot of money to buy a lot of things. Hey bro, no one will force you to arrange anything, you can buy any package you want.

Bundle packages also include 7-day bundle package or Robi bundle package. There are also small bundle packages and large mega mega bundle packages. All you have to do is buy a bundle package according to what you need. But what we can help you with is a list of new bundle packages that Robi has brought to the market in 2023. According to that list, you will get a proper idea about Robi’s current bundle package and can purchase any one as per your wish.

Robi Bundle Package 3 Days 2023

In the 3 days bundle package in Robi, a package of 80 minutes with 6 GB internet has been created. This 6 GB internet and 80 minutes package has a validity of 3 days which you can purchase for only 85 taka.

Robi Bundle Package 7 Days 2023

Robi’s 7 days bundle package has a bundle package with full 4gb internet for 40 minutes. You can purchase this package of 4 GB internet and 40 minutes of talk time for 7 days at just Rs.98.

Also, 150 minutes of talk time with 6 GB internet is available for only Tk 124. I think the internet is completely free. And you can’t miss such a great opportunity, buy this bundle package for 7 days immediately.

Robi bundle package has a package of 120 minutes talk time with only 1 GB internet. You have to spend only 86 rupees to buy this package with 1 GB internet and 120 minutes talk time.

Robi Bundle Package 30 Days 2023

You can buy 1100 minutes with full 60 GB internet by spending only Rs 799. You can instantly purchase this bundle package for 30 days from your Robi Prepaid SIM. The advantage of such big packages is that you get two things for a very cheap price and you can use it for a whole month without doubt.

You can buy a big package of 50 GB internet with 1000 minutes talk time from your Robi SIM for just Rs 648. To purchase this package of 1000 minutes with 50 GB internet, you will have to spend Rs. 648 and for this you will be given full 30 days validity.

If we talk about more bundle packs for 30 days, we have to talk about this bundle package with 60 GB internet and 1200 minutes. Those who need the same amount of internet and the same amount of minutes package buy this package which costs Rs.899.

Also in 30 days small bundle package includes 6GB internet with 540 minutes off time train facility. To buy 40 minutes of talk time and 6 GB internet on this side, you need to spend only 324 rupees.

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