Airtel 2 GB 49 tk Offer Code 2022 3 Days (Previously 44 tk 2 GB Internet)

Dear friends, welcome to our website. Today we present to you an excellent topic of Airtel. And this is in the context of Airtel 2gb internet offer. Basically it is a short term internet package. Those who use Airtel SIM and are looking for a short term package for a very important need can buy this package for only 49 Taka 2gb. Those of you who are new or have no idea about this, find out today through our website.

We are all aware of Airtel. Airtel is a multinational telecommunications company. Airtel has been providing their telecommunication services in many countries of the world. Bangladesh has also been able to establish their network extensively. As well as offering various attractive packages in the market to attract customers.

Airtel has gained their popularity for two main reasons. One is the advantage of having the lowest call rate and the other is the advantage of using very high speed internet at low cost. Today we want to talk about Airtel’s internet service. Especially for those who want to buy more data for less money, we have prepared this article for today.

Are you an Airtel SIM user? Do you want to buy more data for less money? Then this post is for you and you are in the right place. Because through today’s post you will learn about Airtel’s excellent short term and low cost internet package.

If you read our today’s article carefully from beginning to end, you will be able to fully understand the rules for purchasing Airtel 2GB internet package. We hope you read this post carefully and stay with us the whole time.

Airtel Internet Offer

We use the internet for our daily needs. Many times we need to buy small internet packages. We may watch an urgent video from YouTube, or we may communicate via video call, or we may use the Zoom application to make an emergency meeting. In this case, if we can buy a large amount of internet package for a small amount of money, then there are many benefits for us.

Airtel offers such small and excellent internet packages to their customers from time to time. Very recently Airtel 2GB launched an excellent internet package for their customers. So let’s see now what is in this internet package.

The Airtel 2gb internet package includes:

Data volume: 2gb
Duration: Three days
Amount of money: Only 49 rupees.

In other words, if you spend only 49 rupees, then you can easily buy this 2GB internet package of Airtel. With a validity of 3 days. This package can be used on all networks such as 2G, 3G or 4G networks.

How to Buy Airtel 2GB Internet Package

If you want to buy Airtel 2gb internet package then you have to buy it in two ways.

One is through recharge and
The other is by dialing the code.

If you recharge your Airtel number from any recharge point for only 49 taka then you can buy this 3gb package for a period of three days. And if you want to buy the package by dialing the code then you have to dial * 123 * 049 #. However, in this case you have to make sure that you have the same amount of money in your SIM balance. Otherwise you will not be able to purchase this package.

Last words:

From the discussion we came to know about Airtel’s three day girls 2gb 49 taka internet package. Hope you found the post helpful and liked it. If you have any further information about this, please let us know in the comments. Thanks everyone.

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