Airtel 30GB 30 Days 297 tk Offer Code, Airtel Internet Offer 30 Days

Dear friends, welcome to our website. Today we have come up with a wonderful offer from Airtel. And this offer is Airtel 30 GB internet offer. Those of you who are not aware of this package can find out today through our website.

Airtel is a mobile operator company. Airtel is one of the few mobile operators in Bangladesh. Airtel has no match for new offers. Airtel is constantly offering new offers to attract its customers.

Airtel has gained their popularity by offering the lowest call rate facility. Those who want to get more voice talk time for less money can definitely use Airtel SIM. Airtel also offers high speed internet services at the lowest rates. Which has made the young society very interested. Airtel is the only company among the mobile operators in the country to come up with the lowest rate internet facility.

Airtel 30GB 30 Day Internet Offer

As we have already discussed, Airtel often offers new internet offers to their valued customers. So today we will introduce you to one of the most popular internet packages. Very recently Airtel has launched a new internet package on their own official website. The package is a 30 GB Airtel Internet Pack. Which can be used throughout the month i.e. one month.

Do you use Airtel SIM? Do you use internet through Airtel SIM? Do you want to buy more internet packages for less money? Then we will say that you are in the right place. Because in today’s post we will give you a detailed idea about Airtel 30GB one month internet package.

If you read our today’s post carefully from start to finish, you will be able to fully understand about this wonderful internet package Airtel 30GB. So how do you buy this package? How much will it cost and how long will it last? You can know everything through this post. So keep reading the discussion patiently.

How to Buy Airtel 30GB 30 Day Internet Pack

You can buy this excellent internet package of Airtel in two ways. Which is given below.

One is through recharge from Flexiload store and
The second is through Airtel apps.

You can buy this package at 297 tk, 300 tk, 329 tk and 344 tk. At different times its price varies. However, at present the price of this package is 329 rupees. And it’s running now. If you recharge Tk 329 from any recharge point, you can buy this package.

And if you want to enjoy the package through the apps, you can do that too. For this you need to download My Airtel Apps from Google Play Store. Then you have to register the app with your Airtel mobile number. After logging in with user ID and password, enter the apps. From there you can easily take this package.

Last words:

From the above discussion we learned what Airtel 30GB 30 day internet package is and how to buy it. I hope you like the post. And this post has been very helpful for you. Visit our web site regularly to know such new information. And if you have any more information about our today’s post, please let us know in the comments. I wish you all good health and well-being. Thanks everyone.

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