Airtel Bondho SIM Internet Offer 2023

Today we will talk about our valuable closed SIM offers. No, when we disable a SIM, we must plan to activate that SIM at the right time. The main aim of timely activation is that we try to activate the closed SIM only when good quality offers are offered on that SIM. Basically there are many thoughts behind them.

Normally a person now has more than one SIM. The main thing that he has been using for a long time is his main SIM and the other SIMs are not that important but sometimes that SIM comes in handy for taking various offers. Suppose you have a SIM which is closed for more than six months from Robi, now you are going to unlock that SIM through the offer. But for this you must know if you are covered by Robi Bandh SIM then you have to proceed slowly.

Robi Bandh SIM Offer Check Code

Now many people are asking what are the offers on closed SIM. It’s ok to ask but the main thing is whether your sim is completely blocked or if you activate the sim suddenly without knowing what offers are on your sim then it can be a case of “apple and rind”. So you must carefully check if the offer of closed SIM is activated on your SIM.

That’s why we are giving you a code by dialing the code you can check on your blocked Airtel SIM whether the blocked SIM is offered. Then basically you know about the internet offers because it will work for you right away. Basically first of all you know about your closed SIM offer by dialing *888# or *8050# code from your Robi SIM.

Airtel Bandha Sim Internet Offer 2023

We have come to know about various closed SIM offers through Airtel’s official website. One great thing is that every offer of this closed SIM is a recharge offer i.e. you can take these offers through direct recharge. There are several types of closed SIM offers and we will try to discuss with you in detail about each closed SIM offer.

First of all, if you directly recharge 37 taka on closed sim, you will get 3 GB internet with 30 minutes and 48 paisa/minute call rate. You can enjoy this full offer directly by recharging 37 taka and the offer period will be given for full 7 days.

Besides, if you directly recharge your Airtel SIM with Tk 77 i.e. if you recharge Tk 77 on a closed Airtel SIM then you will get 8 GB internet. As I said earlier every offer is recharge offer and you have to recharge directly for it. And yes, you will get 7 days of this 8 GB internet, it may not be forgotten.

After that, if you want to get any bigger package in your Robi SIM, then directly recharge your closed Robi SIM by Rs. 119. With such a big recharge you are getting full 6 GB internet and 120 minutes package and the big thing is that you are getting 30 days big period with big recharge. So learn to make proper use of the closed SIM you have.

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