GP Internet Offer Code 2023

You may have seen that we always guarantee 100% accurate information to them. Of course we have the right information and we assure you that we are not stupid enough to confuse you with your aboltabol. So you must trust us and try to know why we give 100% accurate information. First of all we tell you one thing to keep in mind is the upload date of our article.

You are aware that any mobile operator company constantly changes their internet offers or other offers and brings new offers in the market. Maybe the day after we write the offer article it changes so there is nothing for us to do. But one thing you have to keep in mind is to keep the date on the day we upload the article. There are some packages that don’t change for a whole month or a whole year which is quite normal.

And what we always say and still say that we make articles according to the official information of any mobile operator so that there is no mistake in our article. How today we will tell you about GP internet offer code from a link on Grameenphone official website. By doing this, you will also be able to know all the information correctly.

GP Internet Offer Code 7 Days 2023

To talk about GP Internet offer course 7 days, first of all we have to talk about 14 GB internet pack. One of the big advantages of this package is that you will get 2 GB per day and a total of 14 GB internet. The 14 GB internet that you will get for 7 days is only 164 Tk. The most surprising thing is that any Grameenphone user is eligible to avail this offer. By dialing the activation code *121*3332# you can purchase this small and beautiful offer without any hassle.

GP Internet Offer Code 30 Days 2023

Talking about the 30 days internet offer, first of all we have to talk about the 1 GB internet package per day. Every day of 30 days you will get 1 GB of internet and adding up it shows that you get full 30 GB of internet in 30 days. It can be purchased by you anytime without any further notice. The most important thing is that any Grameenphone user i.e. if you have a Grameenphone SIM you can directly dial the activation code and purchase this offer. To talk about the price it is only Tk 399 and dial *121*3090# activation code.

Grameenphone’s 30 GB internet package includes 1.5 GB internet per day and a total of 45 GB internet per month. Like other offers this is ongoing and any Grameenphone user can avail it. 1.5 GB internet for the whole 30 days i.e. total 45 GB internet will cost only 497 taka. You can get this small and beautiful package by dialing *121*3319#.


The above package is said to be small because now I will talk about a larger package. You can buy 2 GB per day ie total 60 GB internet package for 30 days for 588 taka. You will get the opportunity to buy this package by dialing *121*3099# activation code. There is also a full 90 GB i.e. 3 GB per day internet for Tk 749. Purchase this package for 30 days by dialing activation code *121*3320#.

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