Airtel Free Internet Offer 2022 BD Free MB Offer Code & VPN System

Good news !!! Good news for Airtel users. Airtel currently has a golden opportunity to use free internet. Numerous Airtel users are enjoying this opportunity. If you are an Airtel SIM subscriber then you can use free internet. Do you want to use the internet for free?

If your answer is yes then this post is for you. And we’ll say you’re in the right place. Because in today’s post we will tell you in detail about how to use free unlimited internet from Airtel. If you read our today’s post carefully from beginning to end, you will fully understand how to enjoy free internet using Airtel SIM. We hope you read this post carefully and stay with us.

Airtel Free Internet

We all know that Airtel is currently working with Robi. There was a time when Airtel operated alone in this country. But at first it was seen that their network coverage was very weak. It would have been very difficult to get the network out of the city. Although they have improved their network coverage a lot, their network has become much stronger since they started working on a joint production with Robi.

Ever since Airtel and Robi started working together, they have been constantly providing new types of offers. These new offers have attracted a lot of customers. They are the only ones in the country who have access to the lowest call rate with low cost internet access. Due to which the people of this country have a lot of confidence in both the companies.

At present, they are the second largest customer base in Bangladesh. Every day thousands of customers are connecting with Airtel. Airtel authorities have added a new offer for their customers. And that is the free internet system.

Free internet means first you have to buy a 1gb data pack for only 9 taka. Then you can use the free internet by dialing certain code numbers. Below we present detailed information about this method.

Airtel Free Internet Code Number

If you want to use internet from Airtel then you need to dial a code number. And the code number is * 8444 * 88 #. By dialing this number you will first buy a 1gb internet package or recharge 9 taka in your sim. Then you will dial some unspecified code numbers. Such as- 5111,52122,5999555 etc. These allow you to use unlimited internet.

Rules for using Airtel Free Internet

If you want to use free internet from Airtel, you must first install VPN software on your phone. You can install VPN software from Google Play Store. For your convenience, we have provided some download links of VPN software on our website. You can download it from there.

When you buy an internet package according to the above rules, the next step will be to turn on the VPN apps. Once the VPN apps are on, you can dial the above code numbers by going to the dial option of your phone. And continue to enjoy free internet.

Last words:

From the above discussion we came to know about different rules of using free internet from Airtel. Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If you have any further information about this please let us know in the comments. Visit our website regularly to get such new information. Thank you all.

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