Airtel Internet Offer Code 2023

There are several mobile operator companies in Bangladesh. We are very well acquainted with each mobile operator company. No one can say which individual mobile operator company is giving you the most benefits. While doing business in Bangladesh everyone is involved in various types of competition so everyone tries to give maximum benefits to its customers. And we as Bengalis are more happy to get more benefits for less money.

He reckons Airtel has launched a nice offer for its customers. Today we will talk to you about these beautiful packages and offers of Robi. We will also try to know more detailed information about this internet offer of Robi. Not only will you be able to know about Airtel’s internet offer back, you will also know which activation code to activate these packages. So let’s start knowing the detailed information about Airtel Internet Offer Code Bangladesh.

Airtel Internet Offer Code Bangladesh

Airtel customers from Bangladesh have different activation codes for different packages in airtel. Here we present a list that discusses packages from small to large. Those of you who stay with us at the end will hopefully be able to patiently glean a lot of information.

You can buy a small package of 500 MB from Airtel SIM for just 29 rupees. If you activate this package for Tk 29 you will be given 3 days validity. You can easily activate this beautiful Airtel package by dialing *123*025# activation.

You can purchase full 1gb internet 4g package from Airtel. The price of this 4G internet package is only 22 rupees as an offer for special customers. Here the pricing is fixed for 3 days which you can enjoy by dialing the activation code *123*022#.

From Airtel SIM you can buy a package of 2 GB internet that 2 GB internet validity is given for 5 full days. You have to spend 57 rupees to buy this 5 days 2GB internet package. By dialing the activation code *123*059# you can purchase this beautiful package from your Airtel SIM.

The most popular of these is the weekly package which includes 3 GB internet for Tk 104. This package is open for all Airtel customers, for this you need to dial *123*104# through which you can activate the beautiful package.

You can buy full 6 GB internet from your Airtel SIM for 7 days. This package is priced at Rs 148 which you can directly purchase by dialing *123*148#. For those who like to play PUBG, Airtel has announced a PUBG package of only 1 GB internet. This 1GB pubg will have a validity of 30 days and the price is only 33 taka. You can purchase this 1GB PUBG package by dialing *123*033# activation.

You can purchase full 20GB internet from Airtel SIM for 28 days. The price of BGB internet is fixed at 500 taka and for this you need to dial *123*053# activation code number where you can easily buy 20 GB internet. You will get a chance to purchase full 30GB internet from your Airtel SIM for Rs.998. By dialing *123*998# activation you get a chance to purchase 30GB internet for just 998 rupees.

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