Airtel Offer 2022 30 GB Internet & 750 Minute Talktime With 448 Taka

Dear friends, welcome to our website. Today we will discuss with you about Airtel’s excellent bundle offer. And this offer is 30 GB 750 minutes talk time offer. For those of you who don’t know, find out about Airtel’s excellent bundle offer through our website today.

We know that Airtel is a very popular mobile operator in Bangladesh. Airtel’s latest offer has attracted mobile users in the country. Airtel has no match for low cost call rates and low cost high speed internet access. This is one of the reasons for Airtel’s popularity in Bangladesh. So the number of Airtel subscribers is constantly increasing day by day.

Are you an Airtel SIM user? Are you looking for Airtel bundle offer? Don’t know about Airtel bundle offer? Then we will say this post is for you. By reading this post you will be able to know in detail about this wonderful new bundle offer of Airtel.

If you read our today’s post carefully from beginning to end, you will know in detail about the Airtel 30GB 750 Minute Bundle offer. Because in today’s post we will fully inform you about how to buy Airtel’s Kay Bundle offer, its duration and how much it will cost to buy this package. We hope you read this post patiently and stay with us the whole time.

Airtel Offers 30GB Internet 750 Minutes Talktime

This offer from Airtel is a very popular bundle offer. It was launched last year and in a short span of time the package has become quite popular. But suddenly Airtel authorities stopped this package. Airtel authorities decided to re-launch the offer after holding it off for several days. Very recently they have re-launched this wonderful offer. So we are interested to inform you about this again.

How to buy the package:

If you want to buy this 30GB 750 Minute Bundle Package from Airtel, you can buy it in two ways which are as under:

The first is through recharge and
The second is through My Airtel apps.

Now we will discuss these two issues in detail in front of you. So keep reading the article patiently.

Rules for purchasing Airtel Bundle Offer through Recharge:

If you want to buy this bundle package of Airtel 30GB Internet 750 minutes talktime then you will recharge 448 Taka from any mobile recharge point to your used Airtel number. Upon recharge you will be notified via a return message that you have successfully purchased this bundled package.

Rules for buying bundle pack through apps:

If you download the My Airtel app from the Google Play Store, you can buy the package through this app. That’s why you have to keep two things in mind, one is internet connection and the other is the same amount of money to buy the package.

You can download the app and register it with your Airtel number. Once the registration is complete, enter it. Then go to My Offer. Go there and click on the option called bundle offer. Then you will get this offer when you go down and you can buy the bundle package from there.


Airtel’s 30GB 750 minutes talktime is limited to 30 days or one month.

Last words:

From the above discussion we learned about Airtel 30GB internet and 750 minutes talktime bundle package. I hope you understand the whole thing and this post has been very helpful for you. Visit our website regularly to know such new information. Many thanks to all of you.

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