Airtel Offer Internet 2023

Today we are going to talk about all Airtel internet offers in 2023. We all know that any mobile operator company wants to start the new year fresh. So they try to give several internet offers to their customers on the occasion of the new year at the beginning of the year. You have to stay with us to know which offers Airtel is giving to its customers.

We will try to inform you in detail about Airtel’s internet offer through this article. Those of you who want to know about the various internet offers of Airtel stay with us and Janul airtel has brought some beautiful internet offers for the customers in the new year. Not only that we will inform you about the offer, but we also have more detailed information about the offer in this article. Please stay with us and try to know about Airtel’s offer internet.

Airtel Offer Internet 7 Days 2023

When talking about Airtel’s internet offer, the first thing to keep in mind is the 7-day all internet package. The reason is that the 7 days internet packages are designed so beautifully that every package is presented in front of you as tempting. If you want to purchase these packages then you must keep in mind all the rules of these 7 days’ internet packages. And the rules we are giving you.

If you want to buy a small internet package of 7 days from Airtel SIM then you have the opportunity to buy 1.5 GB internet for 89 rupees. If you buy this internet for 89 rupees, you can use airtel 4.5G internet very comfortably for 7 days. You can activate the beautiful package by dialing this code *123*089#.

Among Airtel’s 7-day internet package, a slightly bigger package is 3 GB internet. To purchase this 3 GB internet package you have to spend only 104 rupees which gives you a good internet package for 7 days at a very cheap price. You can purchase this cute little mini package from Airtel SIM by dialing the activation code *123*104#.

Airtel has 10 days internet package where you get 5GB of internet for just Rs 159. To purchase this complete internet package you need to dial *123*159# through which you can activate this small internet package of 10 days from your Airtel SIM very nicely.

Airtel SIM has the option to buy 7GB internet and if you check this 7GB internet for 10 days then you have to spend only 179 rupees. If you want to make this complete package yours then dial *123*179# and buy this beautiful package of your choice.

Airtel Offer Internet 30 Days 2023

Among the offers that Airtel has are some big internet packages of 30 days. From here you can buy full 20 GB internet by spending only 500 rupees. To purchase this internet package for 28 days you need to dial *123*053# activation code number.

You can buy full 30 GB of internet from Airtel and for which you have to spend only Rs.998. This entire internet validity period is 28 days. *123*998# This code is this package activation code.

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