Airtel Recharge Offer Internet 2023

Talking about Airtel recharge offers, several types of offers come to mind. Among them we are going to describe 1 side today. That is today we will talk about recharge internet offer from Airtel. In today’s internet age no one can live without internet so the most important thing to know is information on internet. Many people try many ways to know how to get internet and what offers are there among these internet offers.

We are always working to make their way of knowing easier and our website is always ready to help them. Today we will try to know about the offer packages that all airtel customers can buy directly without any offer. As these are recharge offers open to all and we will try to give you full details of these offers from very small.

Airtel Recharge Internet Offer Daily Pack

Talking about Airtel Recharge Internet Offer Daily Pack, you will get 1 GB social pack if you recharge directly for 12 taka. You can run Instagram and Facebook directly on this 1 GB social pack.

Also you will get 300 MB internet package with validity of 3 days if you directly recharge Airtel 17 taka.

Also if you directly recharge 29 taka from Airtel then you can buy 800 MB internet for 3 days.

Daily pack includes the opportunity to buy full 1GB internet and to buy this 1GB internet you need to directly recharge your Airtel SIM by Rs 32.

Airtel Recharge Internet Offer 7 Days

Airtel is always ahead for those who want to buy 1 internet package for the whole week and have peace of mind. Here 1 Airtel customer is getting a chance to buy full 2 GB internet and will get a validity of 7 days. All you need to do for this is recharge Rs 101 directly to Airtel SIM.

Also for those who go to buy big package for 7 days like 5 GB internet there is option to buy package by adopting method. There is an opportunity to purchase this package by recharging Tk 114 directly to the Airtel SIM.

For those of us who are mostly connected to the internet and don’t talk anything but the internet all the time, there are some great packages of 7 days. Let’s say you can get 15 GB internet only for 7 days with a direct recharge of Tk 129.

Also, for those who want more internet, Airtel authorities have given the opportunity to purchase 20 GB internet for 7 days directly through recharge of Tk 147.

Airtel Recharge Internet offer 30 Days

If we talk about 30 days in the recharge offer, first of all we have to say the package that has 3 GB internet for 30 days. It can be purchased directly through a recharge of Tk 229.
Also, all Airtel customers will be able to purchase 5 GB internet package by directly recharging Tk 249 by adopting the method.
If you want to buy BGB Internet big package for 30 days then directly recharge Rs.344.
If you want to purchase 30GB internet for full 30 days then directly recharge Rs.398.
Besides, for those who want to buy a big package of 50 GP, there is an opportunity to buy 50 GB directly by recharging Tk 497.

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