Airtel SMS Offer Code 2023

Airtel company has recently launched several offers in the market to expand its business in Bangladesh. We are all aware that Airtel Company has been in association with Robi Aziata Company for several years to run their business. Today we will talk about a special offer from Robi and that special offer is an SMS offer. Many of you may have noticed that many people talk about SMS offers, but many people do not have that information by dialing a code to activate that SMS offer.

But through today’s article, we will not give you any incomplete information. We will tell you an SMS package but how much will it cost you and what is the duration of that SMS package? And we will also tell you which activation code you need to dial to activate this SMS pack. Now the decision is in your hands whether you read our article or move to another article it is your decision.

Robi SMS Package Activation Code 2023

Not only need to know about the SMS package but must know about the SMS package activation code. Of course, we will try to inform the price of each SMS package and the activation code of this SMS package. We will also try to inform you about the validity of these SMS packages.

First of all, you can use the SMS package that I will talk about on any local number. It will cost you 2 rupees to purchase this SMS package and you can purchase 40 SMS as a result. The validity of the SMS package is 12 hours. You can activate this offer by dialing *321*200# this activation.

If you want to purchase a package of 150 SMS from Robi SIM, then know that you can use the SMS of this package to any local number. And you need to spend only 5 rupees to purchase this sms package. By dialing *321*500# this application you can enjoy this beautiful SMS package.

If we want to purchase more SMS then we can purchase this package of 1500 SMS. The validity of this package of 1500 SMS is fixed for 30 days. Since it is such a big SMS package and to use it for a long time, it is undoubtedly a very good package. And you may be more surprised when you hear the price of this SMS package. You can activate this package for just 25 rupees. *321*1500# This is the activation code of this SMS package.

There is a slightly larger SMS package where you can purchase 500 SMS for 20 rupees and the validity of this SMS is 30 days. The SMS activation code is *321*20#. Purchase the instant SMS package and enjoy Airtel SMS benefits.

It is not only the SMS package that Airtel authorities are giving, if you take a look at the currently bundled packages, you will also see that SMS is available with other packages absolutely free. So if you can get a bundle package with a little wisdom then maybe you don’t have to spend the money to buy the SMS package.

Hope we have made our language clear to you and you will purchase SMS packs accordingly. Thank you very much for staying with us to know various information about A. I am leaving today with the hope of coming up with some new information for you in the future.

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