Banglalink Free Internet Code Combo Offer 2023

If you want to use internet from Banglalink absolutely free and that is through comb offer then you have come to the right place. We all know that Banglalink constantly launches very nice offers for its customers. With these offers banglalink sometimes gives some internet absolutely free and that internet comes with talk. Please stay with us.

If you want to enjoy free internet from Banglalink then you must buy a big package. Banglalink authority has given some free internet with big package and you can enjoy that internet only by activating this big package. We have made a list of all those packages and below that list we will tell you the details very nicely. So those of you who want to buy free internet from banglalink, without delay, get to know banglalink’s free internet offer from here.

Banglalink free internet offer 12 GB

If you want to purchase 12GB free internet offer from Banglalink then you must follow some procedures. To enjoy this 12GB internet offer, all you need to do is to activate your old Banglalink SIM which is closed. If you buy a new Banglalink SIM, you can enjoy this offer in multiple passes. Here are several steps and we will also tell you how to get this internet.

This free internet offer is only for new Bangla Link users i.e. those who have purchased a new SIM. As soon as you activate the Banglalink SIM, you will get 2GB of internet absolutely free. After that if you want to get more internet then you have to directly recharge Rs.44. With a recharge of 44 taka, you will be given 2 GB internet again, thus you will be given a total of 12 GB internet by recharging 40 taka for six consecutive months.

To get this 12GB internet all you have to do is 1GB 1GB free every 30 days. That is, here you are getting 2 GB internet but you are paying for 1 GB internet, ie you are buying 1 GB internet for 44 taka and 1 GB internet is being given free. In this way a total of 12 GB internet will be given to you for free from Banglalink.

Banglalink Free Internet Offer Code

Those of you who think that you will get the opportunity to use unlimited internet from Banglalink absolutely free, I will tell you that this opportunity is no more. Back in the day there were opportunities where many people used internet for absolutely free by using proxies of different countries or using different VPNs.

But currently that opportunity is no more, various operator companies have become very careful, so you cannot use the internet for free in any way. But yes currently there are still some ways through which you can use internet for free. But by using them you will do more harm to yourself. The reason is that using the internet in this way is not secure and if you want to keep your data safe then you cannot use free internet in any way. Using these methods to protect your data using free internet is a very bad method.

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