Banglalink Free Internet Offer 2023

Free things are always attractive to us. There is a saying in Bengali if someone is given free tar then that person may be willing to eat free tar too. If it never happened that someone ate tar for free, it was used as a joke by many. The reason is that we are most interested in getting something for free and we are much happier when we get something for free.

Considering that aspect, Banglalink has launched some offers for its special customers, you can buy some internet for free through that offer. So today we will talk about banglalink free internet offer in 2023. Here you can get free internet directly or you can get some free internet with any package you buy. All in all, if something free is available, we don’t want to miss it, so today we will try to know about that free.

Banglalink Free Internet Any 4G Handset

We went directly to Banglalink’s official website to find out about free internet. As usual, this time also the official website of Banglalink did not disappoint us. They have very nicely presented the details about the free internet offer on their official website. Basically as I said before direct free is not currently given but if you buy something you definitely get something free with it.

Just like the banglalink handsets available in the market if you purchase the handset with the packages then surely you will get some free internet there. Today we are presenting the list of all those internet and will try to tell you how you can buy those free internet. Hope you will stay with us.

If you purchase a handset worth more than 15000 rupees from Banglalink then you will get 15 GB internet free for 12 months. This 15 GB internet is really amazing in today’s era. But there is a condition here that you will be given 1GB of internet data every month and you have to dial it. By dialing this code *500*521# you can easily avail this offer from banglalink sim. In the first month of this package, you will be given 1GB 4G internet and 3GB Toffee internet with it. If you activate this internet package then full internet package will be valid for 7 days. And in the next month you will take 1 GB of the internet will also be given a period of 7 days.

If you buy a 4G handset between Tk 8000 and Tk 15000 then Banglalink is giving you 12 GB free internet for the next nine months. For this you need to get 1GB internet package every month by dialing the same activation code. In this case you will be given 1 GB 4G internet and 3g internet with 7 days validity in the first month. Also you will be given 1 GB internet from the second month similarly till the next 7 months.

In case of a handset worth less than 8000 rupees, you are given 9 GB of internet for 6 months. Similarly, you can get full 9 GB by dialing the activation code for 1 GB every month. The same package as other packages will be given to you in the first month.

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