Banglalink Internet Offer 15 Days 2023

Just as each of us has a unique personality, so does online shopping. All types of packages are tailored to suit all types of individuals. Some people like to buy a whole month of the internet at once and use it for a whole month while there are some who like to buy 15 days of the internet and use it. And those who understand a little less, don’t like so much trouble, they like to buy and use the packages for a week or 3 days and use the same package again by auto-renewal.

Keeping in view those days, every mobile operator company has different packages for every type of customer. But what you must think about here is that you will take the offer which will be perfect for you. No matter what anyone says, no matter how tempting the offer is, you should buy the offer that is perfect for you. In today’s article, I will talk about what kind of internet offer Banglalink has for those who like to buy 15 days internet offer. As far as I know, 15 days internet is more popular and many people buy these 15 days internet packages.

Banglalink Small Internet Package 15 Days

If you want to buy 200 MB of the internet for 15 days from your Banglalink SIM then you have to spend 63 rupees. To activate this 15 days exceptional internet package you have to dial *121*63# activation code number through which you can activate this 15 GB internet package very easily.

If you want to purchase 512 MB of internet within the small package, Banglalink authorities have also made that arrangement for 15 days. To buy only 512 MB of the internet you need to spend Rs 91 and for this, you need to dial *121*91# a version code number.

Banglalink internet offers 15 days

If you want to buy 11 GB of internet for 15 days from your Banglalink SIM then you have to spend Rs.342. If you want to buy this 11 GB internet for 15 days on Banglalink Prepaid SIM, you have to dial the activation code and buy it. *121*342# This is the activation code to get this package which you can directly dial to activate the package from Bangla Link Prepaid SIM.

This offer of 60 GB internet package is the biggest among the big packages of 15 days. It is amazing to think that a 60GB internet package for 15 days is only 542 rupees. Banglalink authority is giving this 60 GB internet offer for those who will use a lot of internet for 15 days. By dialing *121*542# activation code you can use this site’s GB internet very happily.

Also if you want you can buy a full 1 GB of internet for 15 days for 116 Tk. We have come to know from Banglalink’s official website that to buy this 1GB internet for 15 days you have to directly dial the activation code *121*116#

You can buy 2 GB of the internet from Banglalink SIM for 15 days for 184 takas. If you want to buy 2 GB internet with Tk 144 then the first thing you need to do is to put Tk 184 in your Banglalink prepaid SIM. Then you need to dial *121*1184# activation code number to buy this package.

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