Banglalink internet offer 30 Days 2023

Talking about Banglalink’s internet offer, the first offer to discuss is the 30-day internet package. Currently, this 30 days internet package is most used by every mobile operator company. That’s because we’ve learned to be more frugal than before and when a 30-day internet package is offered to me at a very affordable price, I definitely try to buy it.

Today we have come up with only 30 days internet package for all Banglalink customers. Today we will talk to you about some of the biggest internet packages in these 30 days and hope you stay with us. We can assure you that you will not have any hesitation in purchasing these internet packages because they are 100% accurate information. That is, we guarantee that the internet package you are going to purchase and the information you are taking from us are 100% correct.

Banglalink Internet Package List 30 Days 2023

You can know about all 30 days of internet packages from Banglalink. We will try to give you all the details about these packages if you are patient with us then you are guaranteed to get 100% accurate information.

You can purchase full 20 GB of the internet from Banglalink SIM for 30 days period. You are getting a chance to buy this offer for just Rs.399. By dialing the activation code *121*399# you will get a chance to buy such a big package.

25 GB Internet only Tk 429. This is not the end only 25 GB at Tk 429 along with 30 days validity. After viewing the offer anyone who wants to avail offer and to avail of the full offer needs to dial the activation code. You can enjoy the offer by dialing the activation code *121*429#.

You can enjoy the best value pack offer from Banglalink. To enjoy this Best Value Pack offer you need to spend only Rs.499. This best value pack offer of Rs 499 will be valid for 30 days and don’t forget to dial the activation code *121*499# to avail the offer.

Banglalink has extra large internet package. This internet package includes 45 GB internet. Any type of Banglalink customers can purchase this 45GB internet. You don’t have to get any offer separately here. This entire internet package will be valid for 30 days and will cost you only Rs.549. You can purchase this extra large 30 days package from Banglalink by dialing the activation code *121*549#.

Banglalink has another big package where all Banglalink customers are getting a chance to buy full 55GB. You can avail this offer by just dialing the activation code without any offer. *121*599# This is an opportunity to buy full 55GB internet from Banglalink SIM for 30 days. You will be surprised that only 599 rupees can buy full 55 GB internet in today’s era. And you can only buy this internet from Banglalink.

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