Banglalink MB Offer 30 Days

You can purchase all types of MB from your Banglalink SIM. But today we are informing you about the MB offers which are available for 30 days only. These packages are generally used by citizens who want to purchase a full month of internet without any hassle. If you can buy such packages, you can definitely stay for a whole month.

These are the perfect internet packages for those who are extra busy. To make this perfect internet package even more perfect, we present you with all the information to activate it from the official website of banglalink. We can guarantee you 100% accurate information that we are giving you in today’s article. And this offer is a valid offer that you can activate now.

Banglalink 30 GB MB Offer Activation Code

If you want to buy 30 GB internet package from Banglalink then good news for you is that this package has a validity of 30 days. The best thing is that if you want you can buy it directly through recharge or activate it by dialing activation code. It will cost you only Rs.389. *121*389# This is the code to activate this beautiful offer.

Banglalink 10 GB Internet Pack 30 Days

If you want to buy a package of 10 GB internet pack from your Banglalink SIM then you can buy it. Banglalink is mainly offering this 30 days package especially for those who want to use Toffee app and love to use Toffee app during this world cup. Here you have to spend only 96 rupees. You can purchase this 30 GB internet package for trophy app from Bangla Link by dialing activation code *121*96#.

Banglalink 20 GB Internet Package 30 Days

You can purchase a nice big internet package of 20 GB internet package from your Banglalink SIM for just 399 taka. We have come to know through the official website of Banglalink that you can activate directly by dialing the activation code. Activate this beautiful activation code by dialing *121*399#.

Banglalink 25 GB Internet Pack 30 Days

If you want to purchase 25 GB internet pack from Banglalink then this 25 GB internet pack will be valid for 30 days. It costs you Rs 429. You can purchase this big internet package beautifully by dialing *121*429# activation code.

Banglalink 40 GB internet package 30 Days

You can buy the best value pack of 40 GB internet from Banglalink. Buying this internet package will give you 30 days validity and you will spend only 499 rupees to buy this internet package. You can purchase this internet package by dialing *121″499# activation code.

Banglalink 45 GB Internet Package 30 days

You can purchase 45 GB internet directly from Banglalink by dialing this activation code *121*497# which the validity of 45 GB internet is fixed for 30 days.

Banglalink 55 GB Internet 30 days

We have come to know through the official website of Banglalink that you can activate this big package of 55 GB for 30 days by dialing the activation code *121″599# directly from Banglalink. Those who usually need a little more internet can activate this package.

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