Banglalink MB Offer 2023

When talking about the best mobile operator companies, Banglalink comes first. In Bangladesh, mobiles were not so popular among the masses when Bangla Lik started their business. But Banglalink is the only organization that has managed to highlight the use and importance of this mobile to people through various campaigns. Today we will talk to you about some important internet packages of Banglalink.

We will try to inform you directly how you can purchase these internet packages from your SIM itself. The most important thing about our article is that we are giving you 100% accurate information. The reason why no one can ever prove this information wrong is because we collect all the information through the official website of banglalink on the day we write this article. That means we are presenting the official information in a slightly different way.

Banglalink MB offer 3 Days 2023

To talk about the 3-day internet offer on Banglalinker, first of all we have to talk about the 100 MB internet package. You can buy this 100 MB internet package for just 9 rupees. Since direct recharge is not possible, you have to dial *121*9# activation number through which this internet package will be activated on your SIM by paying 9 rupees.

You can purchase 150 MB internet package from your Banglalink SIM which will be valid for 7 days. You can get this internet package at a very cheap price with just 7 taka. By dialing *5000*576# activation code, you can activate this 150 MB internet package on your Banglalink SIM.

200 MB internet package from Bangla Link is available for you. 200MB internet packages include 3 days validity internet package which will cost Rs 18. You can purchase this 200MB internet package by dialing *121*18# activation quota.

Banglalink MB offer 7 Days

Banglalink MB offer within 7 days you have the opportunity to buy several types of internet offers. If you want to purchase 250 MB internet for 7 days then you have to spend only 10 rupees. You can easily purchase this 250 MB internet package by dialing *121*500*8*6# activation code.

You also have an option to purchase 400 MB internet package which is valid for 7 days. Since we are talking about MB packages here, only MB packages will be mentioned here to write Bengali. To purchase this MB you have to spend Rs.49. You can purchase this internet package by dialing *5000*588# activation code.

If we have to talk about 7 days MB package then we have to talk about this internet package of 500 MB. It will cost you only 19 rupees which you can buy directly by dialing the activation code *121*500*1#.

Banglalink MB offer 30 Days

If you want to buy MB for 30 days then you can directly buy 400 MB 30 days pack from Banglalink. It costs you total Rs.113 and for this you need to dial *121*113# activation code number.

If you want you can buy 300 MB internet package which is valid for 30 days. By dialing this activation code *5000*76# you can purchase this offer for Rs.76.

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