Banglalink MB Recharge Offer 2023

Today we will only talk to you about the MB offers among the recharge offers of Banglalink. We all know that there are several types of offers in recharge offers and you can purchase those offers directly through recharge. But we are not talking about all types of offers today, we are only talking about Banglalink’s MB recharge offer.

Those of you who want to know about banglalink’s MB recharge offer, have a little patience and see the below part of this article where the information of each MB offer is given in the form of a list. You can also know how much money to recharge there very easily.

Banglalink Recharge Internet Offer 2023

If you recharge 36 taka directly on your banglalink then you can buy 1 GB internet there. This 1GB internet is being given for 4 days by recharging 36 taka directly from Banglalink SIM.

If you recharge 49 taka to your sim directly from banglalink then you can enjoy 2 GB internet. Banglalink SIM’s 2GB internet has been fixed for 4 days.

If you want to purchase 1GB internet for 7 days, you have to recharge Tk 76 directly. Here the recharge amount has also increased as the tenure is more.

If you want to purchase 1.5 GB internet on your Banglalink SIM then you have to recharge 99 Tk directly. The reason for the high recharge amount is that the validity of this 1.5 GB internet is fixed at 7 days.

You can directly purchase 4GB internet from Banglalink for just 108 Tk. That’s why you don’t have to do anything, just recharge 108 taka directly to your banglalink sim and buy this 4 GB internet for 7 days.

There is another very nice internet offer where you can buy 6 GB internet for just 129 rupees and it is valid for 7 days.

Banglalink Recharge Internet Offer 30 Days

Banglalink’s monthly internet package includes 1 GB internet for Tk 119. The validity of this 1 GB internet is 30 days and you have to directly recharge 129 taka for this.

You can buy 2 GB internet from Banglalink SIM for 209 taka. With this you get 4 GB internet as a bonus. Buying total 6 GB internet for 30 days only at Tk 209.

Recharge 249 Tk directly from Banglalink and you will get 4 GB internet with 6 GB bonus internet. In total, you can buy 10 GB internet for 249 taka which will be valid for 30 days.

Banglalink is currently running an offer of 28 GB internet for Tk 298 in its recharge offer. It will be activated for a very short period of time and those who want to take this offer should immediately recharge their own mobile with Tk 298 without delay. The validity of this internet package is fixed for 28 days.

If you want to buy 5 GB internet pack from Banglalink for a period of 30 days then you can buy this 5 GB internet by spending 399 taka. Here you have to directly recharge your Banglalink SIM with Tk 399 through which you can purchase this beautiful internet offer.

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