Banglalink Minutes Offer 2023

When I think about Banglalink, I remember the early ads of Banglalink. Banglalink spread among its customers through very nice ads. Although the continuity of that ad is currently not maintained, Banglalink has maintained the continuity of their facilities. Even now a days banglalink tries to offer the cheapest packages in the market to its customers. The mini packages that are the most usable of them are quite attractive.

To those who spend a lot of time with their loved ones through regular voice calls from Banglalink SIM, I would like to see these minutes packages of Banglalink at least once. That’s because the best way to enjoy these minute packages is to activate. By doing this, you can purchase minute packages at a much cheaper price and these minute packages can save you a lot of money at the end of the month.

Banglalink 30 Days Minute Package Offer 2023

If you want to purchase a 30-day minute package from Banglalink, you will get several minute package options. I have said before and I am still saying that Banglalink always tries to provide cheap packages for its customers. Today I will talk about the minute packages which have brought 30 days minute packages for the customers.

First of all you can purchase a nice package of 515 minutes from banglalink. You have to spend only Rs.297 to purchase this beautiful package of 515 minutes. For Bengali customers, Banglalink has fixed the validity of this beautiful package for 30 days. In my opinion, there can be no cheaper minute package than this in the current market. *1100*7*1# You can get the beautiful package by activating the activation code.

Among the Banglalink 30-day minutes package, they have brought another beautiful minute package for the customers where the customers get the opportunity to buy 340 minutes for just one ninety seven rupees. *1100*7*2# You can easily purchase all such minute packages from Banglalink by dialing the activation code.

If you are talking about Banglalink’s monthly minutes package, then you can not exclude this package of 250 minutes of Rs. 147. You can buy this package of 250 minutes from Banglalink for Tk 147 with only Tk 250. These minute packages purchased for 250 taka have a validity of 30 days. Of course you can use these minutes to call any SIM of any operator.

Banglalink Small Minute Package Offer 2023

If you want to purchase small minute packages from your Banglalink SIM, the first thing you can think of is a package of 99 minutes. To activate this package you need to dial *1100*2# activation code number through which you can purchase this package of 99 minutes for only 57 rupees. If it is asked how many days the validity of this minute package is then I will say 7 days.

Banglalink’s smaller minute packages include a 45-minute package for Tk 27. If you purchase this 45 minutes package for 27 taka, you will get 3 days validity. You can easily purchase this nice and small package by using activation code *1100*4#.

Currently, Banglalink’s smallest minute package is 24 minutes package for 14 taka which is fixed for 2 days. For that you can directly recharge 14 rupees or you can also purchase the package by dialing *1100*5# activation.

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