Banglalink Recharge Internet Offer 2023

We have collected a new list of 2023 for those of you who want to know about Banglalink prepaid SIM recharge internet offers. We have collected this country directly through the official website of Banglalink, so we guarantee that we can provide you with 100% correct information. Recharge offers are generally the most widely used of the various types of internet packages. You must know why it is used.

Among the recharge internet offers, there are definitely some features that every customer likes more. First of all you can purchase this recharge offers in the shortest possible time without any hassle. Also, you don’t have to take any trouble for this, you can enjoy the offer by directly recharging a certain amount of money to your Prepar SIM. And the recharge offers are constantly changing and new recharge offers are coming. So in simple words, we have a big list of these recharge offers.

Banglalink Recharge Internet Offer List

If you want to get various offers through recharge from Banglalink then we have a list of these offers. You have to do different types of recharges to get different offers. Let’s try to find out from the list below which Banglalink recharge offers are currently available.

If you directly recharge your Banglalink SIM with Tk 36 then you can enjoy 1gb regular data pack. This 1 GB regular data pack will be valid for 4 days.

If you want to purchase 2 GB regular data pack on your Banglalink prepaid SIM, then you can purchase it through a recharge offer. For this, you can directly recharge your Banglalink SIM for Rs. 49 without any hassle and enjoy the package for 4 days.

You can enjoy 1.5 GB of internet for 7 days by directly recharging your Banglalink SIM for Tk 99. It is one of the most popular weekly internet packs.

If you directly recharge 108 taka to your banglalink prepaid sim then you can buy a full 4 GB regular internet data pack there. This internet data pack will be valid for 7 days which you can purchase directly through recharge.

You directly recharge your Banglalink SIM with Tk 129 and enjoy 6GB internet regular data pack. Among the weekly internet packages, you will get 6 GB more bonus data with this internet package, which means you will get a chance to buy 12 GB of internet for 7 days for a total of 129 taka.

If you directly recharge 129 taka on banglalink sim then you can buy 1 GB of internet for 30 days.

If you directly recharge Tk 209 then you will get a regular data pack of 2GB and a bonus data pack of 4 GB. You can buy 6 GB of internet for 30 days with only Tk 209 direct recharge.

Besides, if you want, you can directly buy 28 GB of internet through Tk 298 recharge. You can buy a 28 GB Banglalink regular internet pack for 28 days through direct recharge of Tk 248.

Also, if you directly recharge your Banglalink SIM for Tk 399, you can purchase full 30 GB internet for 30 days. For this, you need to recharge your Banglalink SIM directly with Tk 399.

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