Banglalink SMS Offer Code 200, 500 SMS

Talking about the banglalink sms offer code, we should not talk about 200 sms package and 500 sms package. If you look closely at Banglalink’s list of SMS packages, you will see that they have arranged their structure very nicely. Of course they understand its importance so they have arranged this SMS package very nicely.

Those of you who want to purchase these two SMS packages from Banglalink must know the detailed information about these packages from us here. We will talk to you about 200 SMS package and 500 SMS package separately and hope you stay with us throughout the entire article.

Banglalink 200 SMS Package Active Code 2023

Banglalink has provided different types of SMS packages on their official website, one of them is 200 SMS package. The 200 SMS packages you are getting here can be used by any operator. So there is no restriction like before that you can use this operator and cannot use this operator.

Also, this package of 200 SMS has a validity of 15 days. No other operator will provide you with such a long term so hopefully it will be a package of your choice. You have to spend only 15 rupees to purchase this 200 SMS package for 15 days. At Rs 15 you can purchase this beautiful package of 200 SMS for 15 days without doubt. By dialing this activation code *166*15# you can easily activate the very nice package on your SIM.

Banglalink 500 SMS package activation code 2023

If you want to activate 500 SMS from your Banglalink SIM then you must know this 500 SMS activation code. By dialing this activation code *166*305# you can easily purchase a package of 500 SMS from your Banglalink SIM. The best thing is that you need to spend only 30 rupees to purchase this 500 SMS package.

You can send the 500 SMS of this SMS package to any mobile operator. If you want to buy this 30-day SMS package from other operators, then the cost can be much higher. Which Banglalink is giving you very cheap and hope you will be very happy to activate this SMS package for 30 days. So dial the activation code to activate this package of 500 sms instantly for 30 days with 30 taka.

Banglalink different packages

If you want to buy different types of packages from Banglalink then visit our website regularly where there is a lot of information about Banglalink new packages. And if you want to know about these offers first, then you must visit our website regularly.

We always try to make beautiful articles by modifying all the information related to Banglalink from the official website of Banglalink. By doing this, you know that you can not suffer any kind of trouble and do not fall into any kind of trouble by using this information. Thank you very much for staying with us for so long to know about Banglalink SMS packages. I am leaving today with the assurance that I will certainly appear before you with a new package later.

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