Banglalink SMS Offer Code 2023

If you want to buy sms offer from banglalink sim you have then you must know what benefits you will get in which sms offer. After knowing them, you have to see if Bangla Link from other operators offers you the opportunity to buy sms packs much cheaper. If you get everything right then you can buy sms offer from banglalink.

Today’s article is mainly to guide you on which sms offer to buy from Banglalink. You can buy very nice sms offers easily from banglalink but for that you must have an idea about each offer. You will buy the offer which is right for you so be patient with us.

Banglalink SMS Package 2023

You can buy a package of 30 sms from Banglalink for 3 taka and the best thing is that banglalink is giving this small sms package for 3 days. You have to activate this SMS package by dialing the activation code and *166*330# is the activation code of Banglalink for 30 SMS worth 30 rupees for 3 days.

If you want, you can buy a package of 70 SMS from Banglalink and they have fixed the package price of 70 SMS at 7 Tk. When you purchase this SMS package for 7 rupees, Banglalink authorities will set the validity of that SMS package as 7 days. By dialing this activation code *166*770# you can buy 70 banglalink sms for 7 taka.

If you buy 100 SMS from Banglalink and the validity is one day then this SMS package will cost only Tk 3.99. The main reason the cost is reduced here is that the validity period is reduced and to purchase this beautiful package you need to dial *222*8# this activation code number.

Banglalink SMS Package Activation Code 2023

Although initially I didn’t like to use banglalink sms but now I see that bangla text is giving very good sms packages. Due to which these sms packages look much better and I hope like me you also have the habit of buying sms packages from Banglalink.

Today’s article is mainly to maintain the consistency of our website always trying to bring you the right information. I collect information from the official website through my tireless efforts and present it to you in my own way after modifying that information a little. Now we will present the activation code of Banglalink’s two big SMS packages to you and hope you will be very happy to know these activation codes.

From Banglalink you can buy 200 SMS for 15 taka. The biggest thing about this sms package is that if you buy 200 sms for 15 taka, you will get 15 days validity of that sms package. You have to activate this 15 days SMS package for girls by dialing the activation code. *166*15# You can purchase the SMS package for 15 days by dialing this code.

Also, there is a big package of 500 sms which can be done by SMS only for 30 taka and which has a validity of one month i.e. 30 days. Only Banglalink authority has brought this beautiful system for you, so quickly activate any package according to your needs and use it as per your wish.

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