Bl Internet Offer 2023

If we are going to talk about Banglalink’s internet offer then we have to talk about several types of internet offer. The main reason for this is that there are many types of people among us and each person has a different personality. Some people buy a whole month of internet at once and some buy 3 days of internet and use it for a whole month. So no one should be pleased here and for everyone when we write this article we have to talk about internet packages like everyone else.

So basically today we will talk about some special internet packages that Banglalink authorities have launched in 2023 on their official website. Stay with us and read the complete article to know about the brand new internet packages of 2023. We present our information in a slightly different manner so that there is no overlap with our information. Besides, we try to keep the main information exactly the same so that you can understand the correct information very easily.

BL Mini Pack Family Offer 2023

These Banglalink mini packages can be dangerous for you. When you don’t have a balance on your phone and there is no environment to take a balance, you can complete small important tasks with these small mini packages with a small balance. Let’s have a brief look at the mini packages.

You can purchase from banglalink only 100 MB internet for 9 taka which will be valid for 3 days.
You will get a chance to purchase 200 MB internet for 3 days from Banglalink for just 18 taka.
Banglalink has 200 MB internet for 15 days which you can buy for Rs 63.
Also if you want to buy 200 MB internet for 7 taka then you have to spend full 66 taka.
Banglalink also has 300 MB internet for 30 days for which you have to spend Tk 76.
Banglalink also has 400 MB internet for 30 days at Tk 113.
If you want to buy 512 MB internet from Banglalink then here you will be given a period of 3 days and the package price is fixed at Tk 29.

BL Regular Pack Family 2023

Banglalink’s regular family pack includes 1GB internet for 3 days. To buy this 1 GB internet for 3 days you have to spend full 36 rupees.
Besides, Banglalink you can buy 1.5 GB internet for 3 days which you have to spend 49 rupees.
Besides, from Banglalink you can purchase 1.5 GB internet for 7 days where you have to spend 99 rupees.
To buy 2.5 GB internet for 3 days you have to spend 58 rupees.

BL large Family Pack Offer 2023

Banglalink Big Family Pack includes 12 GB internet for 7 days. This 12GB internet is for 7 days but you have to spend full 149 rupees.
If you want to purchase full 15 GB internet from your Banglalink SIM for 7 days then you have to spend 149 Tk.
For those who need a little more internet, Banglalink has brought a full 20 GB internet and will have to spend Tk 159 to purchase this internet package for a period of 7 days.
Full 20GB internet from Banglalink with a validity of 30 days will cost Rs 399 to purchase this package.
Apart from this, you can get the opportunity to buy full 25GB internet from Banglalink which will be given to you for full 30 days and you have to spend Tk 429 to buy it.

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