Free Internet Bangladesh 2023

Today our complete article will try to tell you about free internet. I will let you know about which method you can use the internet from Bangladesh absolutely free. We all know that nowadays if you want to run something for free, you have to go some other way. Nothing is outright free and what is free is not good quality.

Just as you are getting the opportunity to use Facebook for free now i.e. Facebook Messenger. But the fun of running Facebook Messenger by spending internet and the fun of running Facebook Messenger for free are very different. So of course we want to tell you first of all that it is not right to run anything for free so try to spend a little and it is better not to run internet packages for free.

That’s because the alternative methods here can cause damage to your handset or damage to your privacy. So of course, after keeping these things in mind, decide why you want to use the internet for free. I myself tried to run internet through proxy for free many years ago but later found that it causes a lot of damage to our handsets.

Then I changed my mind and now I use internet at full cost. Now how you can use internet for free and you can know the complete rules of using internet for free from us today.

How To Run Free Internet 2023

Now we will tell you how to install free internet running apps. You can directly download the apps we are talking about. You can use this link provided by us to download free internet apps. When you download this app, there must be an option called install.

You install that app. When you install FT you will see a nice settings after entering those apps. Basically it is a configuration file that needs to be downloaded. Then when you enter the apps you will see the plus sign which you have to click on.

After clicking on the class button you will see it says open config and you click there. Then you will see a file there the file you downloaded the config file will be here. Open this config file and click And that file will become app add.

The setting is finished, now you have to click on the text connect, by clicking the app will be connected to your phone within five seconds, then you will get the opportunity to run Uradhura unlimited free internet. The reason for using the term Uradhura is that the internet that runs for free does not basically bring a good experience but it can cause damage to your handset.

As a result of this setting, you can run the Internet through any browser and any apps on your phone, but the IDs you have logged in to those browsers or apps may be lost here. The reason is that you are giving complete control of your handset to them, so there is a possibility that all your passwords will get into their hands, so be careful about this at your own risk. After that you can run the internet as you wish. Hope this is going to be a helpful article for you.

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