GP 1000 Minutes Offer Code 2023

Back in the day we found many people who used to talk to each other on voice calls constantly. We used to see a lot of older brothers around us talking to their loved ones on voice calls constantly. Back then voice call rates were much lower and there were some FNF or similar arrangements where folding would lower their cost to talk.

But currently the usage of FNF has decreased because the price of voice calls has increased and it costs the same to talk from each operator to each operator. No special number is required here, so in this case you can do one thing that is to buy the package. For those who love to talk to their loved ones constantly, GP has a huge one minute package of 1000 minutes.

Those who are not satisfied with talking can buy this huge minute package of 1000 minutes and this minute package is valid for 30 days so there is no fear to use it. You can use this 1000 minutes package anytime as slowly as you want. Today we will try to know how you can buy 1000 minutes from GP and details about this.

GP 1000 Minute + 1 GB Internet Bundle Pack

You can purchase 1000 minutes from your GP SIM. Not only that you will buy 1000 minutes but you will also get 1 GB internet bundle pack. Here, think that this internet of yours has been given to you absolutely free. The reason is that the price of this minute pack is already cheap and 1 GB internet is given on top of that, so it can be considered as free.

If you want to activate this package from GP then you have two options. The first option is my absolute favorite option and that is by directly recharging 604 taka. You can avail or buy such a great offer only by recharging your GP SIM with Rs 604 directly.

Another option is that you can directly dial the activation code by loading enough money on your SIM. Upon dialing this activation code, a return SMS will be sent containing all the information regarding your package purchase. *121*4209# This is the purchase activation of this big package that you all have to remember.

Besides, you can avail this offer through My GP Apps, but for this you need an Android smartphone and internet. Directly you enter the My GP apps and if you search a little better among the minute offers provided there, you will definitely find this offer there. If you avail this offer through My GP Apps, you will get many GP Points as a bonus.

Grameenphone 1000 Minutes 30 Days Package

You can purchase a package of 1000 minutes from Grameenphone. How to purchase the package is very well described in the above section. Grameenphone 1000 minutes package duration is mentioned for 30 days so hopefully you can use 1000 minutes very well during these 30 days. You have come to the right place to know about Grameenphone’s other offers. Hope you have been able to collect the correct information about Grameenphone 1000 minutes package from here.

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