Gp 200 Minutes Offer 30 Days 2023

If you want to purchase 200 minutes offer from GP SIM then you must know about this minute offer. We have information on many GP minute packages for 30 days period but the minute package we are going to focus on today is the 200-minute offer package. Of course, this may be the information you need, so we will try to inform you at least in light of that information.

So let’s try to tell you through this article today what you need to do to get this offer of 200 minutes for 30 days from GP. Hope you stay with us throughout the entire article and try to get the information you need.

GP Special 200 Minutes Monthly Minutes Package Offer

Of course, you can easily purchase 200 minutes monthly package from GP. You must know the correct information to purchase this monthly package. First of all the 200 minutes being given here is 200 minutes which you can use on any mobile operator for voice calls. You need to spend only Rs. 113 to purchase these 200 minutes used for voice calls. You can purchase this beautiful package of 200 minutes from Grameenphone by spending Rs.113.

But for this, you must dial a USSD code and keep a certain amount of money in your SIM. By dialing *121*4007# activation quota you can purchase this beautiful minute pack for 1 day from your GP SIM.

GP Minute Offer List 2023

We will tell you about some important minute offers in GP Minutes Offer List. Some of the offers that will be reported here include 7-day-minute packages and some 30-day-minute packages. All in all this article is going to be a much-needed article for you.

First of all, we have to talk about the 125 minutes package. For those who want to buy short minutes, GP has come up with a small package of 125 minutes for a period of 7 days. In this small package, you get 125 minutes usable on any number and spend only 78 rupees. By dialing the activation code *121*4026# you can enjoy this beautiful package from your GP SIM.

Talking about the minutes of GP SIM, we have to say this package of 160 minutes for 99 taka. If you want to purchase 160 minutes from GP then you have to first dial the activation code and purchase this minute package by spending Rs.99. Do you think you do not have this activation code? By dialing the activation code *111*300# you can purchase this beautiful 7-day minutes package.

From GP you can also purchase a bigger package of 500 minutes where you have to spend only Rs.288. By spending Tk 288 you can enjoy a big package of GP for 30 days. Those who want to be free from the hassle of buying internet for the entire month can enjoy this offer by just dialing the activation code *121*5074#.

Also, you can enjoy 340 minutes minute package offer by recharging your GP SIM for Rs 199. To enjoy the minute package offer directly you need to research 199 taka through which you can purchase this big minute package from your GP SIM for a period of 30 days.

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